A Small Brazilian Curtain Firm Trying to Make It Big Overseas

Brazil's JJ Cortinas JJ Cortinas, a curtain company from the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo, has been getting ready to enter the foreign market for two years. After promoting its products at fairs and on international sites, the firm from São Paulo shipped abroad, last week, its first sample curtains, to Jordan. Over 30 kinds of curtains in polyester and cotton were shipped.

According to the company director, Aparecida Ibrahim, who is a daughter of Lebanese parents, it was a Jordanian trader who sent the company an e-mail showing interest in JJ Cortinas products. "We are very pleased and it is being very positive for us," stated Aparecida, who took months selecting a sample of each curtain of the new collection to send abroad.

The curtains shipped are mostly printed, with geometric designs, kitchen utensils, flowers, leaves, children's drawings and even panthers. Apart from curtains, Aparecida also shipped a shawl and covers for a sofa and cushion.

"We worked on a very nice selection," she said, adding that she does not yet know the taste of the Arabs. "We may develop the theme as desired by the customer. We work with all kinds of curtains," she added.

JJ Cortinas is a small family company established in 1982 in São Paulo. To start supplying the foreign market, the company has established a partnership with a factory in the city of Cotia, which will produce thousands of curtains a month.

According to Aparecida, JJ Cortinas is used to working with personalized supply, i.e., working directly with architects and decorators at the homes of their clients. "The idea is now to work for a greater demand," she said.

Early this month, the company participated in a trade mission to Argentina, where many promising contacts were made. "Brazil is living a moment that has generated great interest on the foreign market," stated Aparecida. In fact, the company is already planning to establish a partnership for production of youth fashion.



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    After Goat Farming, I find… curtains!

    Perhaps one may agree with the general concept whereby enlightened ladies & gentlemen might aspire for matters of superior caliber, and relatively more gratifying to their spiritÀ¢€¦
    As such, I could hardly express any particular delight for the topic under consideration.

  • Ric

    This is Good
    Had no idea that there was an overseas market for small Brazilian curtains.

    Some Brazilians make their curtains out of two liter pop bottles, others from farinha sacks,
    sometimes decorated with old cdÀ‚´s. Sometimes this is because of a shortage of doors.

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