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Alô? Madame!… — It all starts when two friends get a phone number that belonged to a palm reader and decide to
take the clients for themselves. By Marcelo Saback and Vinicius Marques. In Rio.


Alô? Madame!… — It all starts when two friends get a phone number that belonged to a palm reader and decide to
take the clients for themselves. By Marcelo Saback and Vinicius Marques. In Rio.

Dias Felizes — Love comedy about a couple who stay together through thick and thin. Bárbara Heliodora’s translation
from the Thomas Beckett’s play. In São Paulo.

Intensa Magia — Maria Adelaide Amaral’s play about a family’s public washing of dirty laundry during an engagement
party. Rosa Maria Murtinho stars. Paulo Cezar Saraceni directs. In Rio.


Mary Stuart — The struggle for power between queens Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I. From Friedrich Schiller.
Directed by Gabriel Villela. In São Paulo.

Noite Feliz — A Christmas family gathering becomes a group therapy when people start to share less than
charitable impressions about each other. Flávio Marinho wrote and directs. Dramedy. In Rio.

Oeste — Drama. A family feud between two brothers who see the world very differently. Sam Shepard’s play directed
by Marco Ricca with Renata Sorrah and Xuxa Lopes. In São Paulo.

Querida Mamãe — The hate-love relationship between daughter and mother. Eva Vilma stars and José Wilker directs
this Maria Adelaide Amaral’s story. In São Paulo.

Como Encher um Biquíni Selvagem —
Written and directed by multitalented Miguel Falabella with Cláudia Jimenez.
A story of loneliness in the big city. In Rio.

Todo Mundo Sabe que Todo Mundo Sabe — Another play from prolific and multitalented Miguel Falabella who
also directs it. A socialite struggles to avoid economic disaster. In Rio.


American films just released: Leaving Las Vegas (Despedida em Las Vegas), Georgia (Georgia), Sense and
Sensibility (Razão e Sensibilidade), To Die For (Um Sonho sem Limites), Pushing Hands (A Arte de Viver), Get Shorty (O Nome
do Jogo), Heat (Fogo Contra Fogo), Things to Do in Denver When You Are Dead (Coisas para Fazer em Denver
Quando Você Está Morto), Clockers (Irmãos de Sangue), Four Rooms (Grande Hotel — Uma Comédia Cinco Estrelas), Now
and Then (Agora e Sempre), Father of the Bride (O Pai da Noiva), Virtuosity (Assassino Virtual)

Jamon Jamon (Jamon Jamon) — Spain — 1992 — The love story between a rich guy and the lovely girl who is the
daughter of a notorious prostitute. Directed by Bigas Luna.

Jenipapo — Brazil — 1995 — Monique Gardenberg directs. The fascination of an American reporter living in Rio de
Janeiro with an activist priest who fight for agrarian reform.

La Flor de Mi Secreto (A Flor de Meu Segredo)
Spain — 1995 — Pedro Almodóvar directs this comedy about a
writer unable to write three novels she has promised her publisher due to a matrimonial crisis.

Mario, Maria e Mario (Mário, Maria e
— Italy — 1993 — The fall of Russia wrecks havoc at the life of a
socialist couple, husband and wife are communist militants. Ettore Scola directed.

Il Postino (O Carteiro e o Poeta) — Italy — 1995 — Poet Pablo Neruda’s friendship with the mailman during the
writer’s exile in an Italian island. Directed by Michael Radford.


O Qu4trilho — Brazil — 1995 — Fábio Barreto directs Patrícia Pillar, Glória Pires, Bruno Campos, and
Alexander Paternorst in this dramatic story of two couples against the morals of the time. The action takes place among
Italian immigrants in the south of Brazil. Nominated for the Oscar.

Les Silences du Palais (Os Silêncios do Palácio)
— France — 1994 — By Moufida Tlatly. After the death of her father,
a famous young singer returns to the palace where she was born.

Terra Estrangeira (Foreign Land)
Brazil — 1995 — Brazilian flees to Portugal amid economic turmoil in Brazil
during the Collor de Mello presidency. Directed by Walter Salles Júnior.

Two Billion Hearts (Todos os Corações do Mundo)
Brazil — 1994 — Murilo Salles’s documentary on the 1994
World Soccer Cup. It’s FIFA’s official film.

The White Baloon (O Balão Branco)
— Iran — 1995 — The dreams of a little girl whose only ambition is to get a red
fish as gift. Jafar Pahani is the director.



1. O Mundo de Sofia

Jostein Gaarder (Comp. das Letras)
2. O Xangô de Baker Street

Jô Soares (Comp. das Letras)

3. A Profecia Celestina

James Radfield (Objetiva)

4. Manhã, Tarde, Noite

Sidney Sheldon (Record)

5. Comédias da Vida Privada — 101 Crônicas Escolhidas

Luís F. Veríssimo (L&PM)

6. Guia de Leitura de A Profecia Celestina

James Radfield and Carol Adrienne (Objetiva)

7. Quase Memória

Carlos Heitor Cony (Companhia das Letras)

8. Os Catadores de Conchas

Rosamunde Pilcher (Bertrand Brasil)

9. Quando a Vida Encolhe

Zibia Gasparetto (Espaço, Vida & Consciência)

10. Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira

José Saramago (Companhia das Letras)



1. O Guia dos Curiosos

Marcelo Duarte (Companhia das Letras)

2. A Assustadora História da Medicina

Richard Gordon (Ediouro)

3. Chatô – Rei do Brasil

Fernando Morais (Companhia das Letras)

4. Paula

Isabel Allende (Bertrand

5. Mauá, Empresário do Império

Jorge Caldeira (Companhia das Letras)

6. Você Pode Curar sua Vida

Louise L. Hay (Best Seller)

7. Anaw6kx Cabalísticos

Mônica Buonfiglio (Oficina Cultural

8. Minutos de Sabedoria

Luis Torres Pastorino (Vozes)

9. Mensagens de Maria para o Mundo

Annie Kirkwood (Record)

10. Mulheres que Correm com Lobos

Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Rocco)

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