Sí£o Paulo, Brazil, Jumps in One Year from 33rd to 8th in Fashion World

São Paulo fashion week The city of São Paulo, in southeastern Brazil, ranks among the 10 top fashion cities of the world. The capital of the state of São Paulo ranks 8th in the list of United States-based company Global Language Monitor. The survey measures how often the names of the cities appear in the global media, on the Internet and in blogs.

Last year, São Paulo occupied the 33rd position, having climbed 25 positions in the ranking this year. According to the president of tourism company São Paulo Turismo, Caio Luiz de Carvalho, in a release issued by the organization, the result is a consequence of work being carried out in the city, an example of which is the São Paulo Fashion Week, Brazil's leading fashion week.

The event, which was one of the key contributing factors to the higher position in the ranking, has already attracted over 20,000 tourists to the city. Besides, the city hosts several other fashion events around the time of the SPFW, attracting visitors, industry professionals and businessmen.

This year, the first city in the ranking is Milan (Italy), followed by New York (United States), which topped the list for five years. Paris (France) ranked third, followed by Rome (Italy), London (United Kingdom), Los Angeles (United States), Hong Kong, Sidney (Australia) and Las Vegas (United States).

Of the 30 cities surveyed, São Paulo was also the one that climbed the most positions compared with last year, followed by Miami (United States), which climbed 13 positions, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), with 12 positions, and Barcelona (Spain), with 11 positions.

The cities that moved down the most positions in the ranking were Berlin (Germany), which dropped down 10 positions, Melbourne (Australia) and Stockholm (Sweden), both of which moved down seven positions. Mexico City appeared in the 30th position.

Last year, the Brazilian textile industry produced 5.5 billion items, sold the equivalent of US$ 30 billion, and investment in the sector reached a record US$ 1.5 billion.

From January to April this year, investment totaled US$ 216 million. From January to May this year, Brazilian exports totaled US$ 465 million. The figures were supplied by the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit).




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