Despite US’s Stand Brazil Warns It Won’t Recognize Honduras’ New President

Amorim and Lula The Brazilian minister of Foreign Affairs, Celso Amorim, reaffirmed on Thursday divergences with the United States regarding the political crisis in Honduras before the opening of the Amazon basin countries and France Summit on climate change in Manaus, Brazil.

Amorim spent over an hour on the phone with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday, and Honduras was one of the topics of the conversation.

For Brazil, the Honduran presidential election scheduled for next Sunday will not be recognized if deposed Honduran President José Manuel Zelaya is not reinstated in office. However, the US President Barack Obama administration believes "elections are a good starting point" to overcome the crisis and will be sending independent observers to monitor the event.

"There is an obsession that if Brazil does not agree with the United States a beam will fall on our heads. There are not major divergences," pointed out the Brazilian minister.

What really matters added Amorim is that Brazilian President Lula and Obama always manage to discuss issues in a very friendly tone.

Amorim also pointed out that the Organization of American States (OAS) is not divided on the issue. The Brazilian position is shared by an overwhelming majority of Latinamerican and Caribbean countries, while only the US and Panama are willing to accept Sunday’s results as legitimate.

"The coup d'état cannot legitimate a government, but we will not turn this in a confrontation point. It is not in the interests of the United States that Honduras becomes (exclusively) linked to them," said Amorim.



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]Is there any wonder why Obama is perceived as weak by the likes of Putin, Ahmendinejad, Kim Jung Il, Chavez? [/quote]

    Vinny, my dear fellow, you haven’t included another personality who is “perceived weak” for sometimes you like to be “politically correct” and do not want to upset your Brasilian family ( 😉 😀 ;-)).

    Your comments just vindicate my position and that of Augustus and Ricardo Amaral. Col.Chavez is going to be a pain in the ass for years to come and only a very few people like us (including DnB) are able to see through the whole game.

    It may be mind boggling for the ordinary Brasilians to understand why we are so stubborn to defend a rich “caudilho” like ZÀƒ© Zelaya, but I have a pretty good idea for the reasons to do so.

    As I keep on seeing, be prepared to continue watching “Novela 2010”. 😉

  • VinnyCarioca

    [quote]Obama/Hillary were quicker to realize and dump it on Lula, ably assisted by Col.Chavez.[/quote]
    So true, my dear fellow. The lambasting that the Obama Administration received by INITIALLY siding with Chavez, Ortega, Castro, et al was so fierce, in that, Obama (a former constitutional law professor…LOL) could not avoid flip-flopping. Is there any wonder why Obama is perceived as weak by the likes of Putin, Ahmendinejad, Kim Jung Il, Chavez?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Lula and his boys picked the wrong horse in this race, as did Obama/Hillary,[/quote]

    Obama/Hillary were quicker to realize and dump it on Lula, ably assisted by Col.Chavez.

    I remember being criticized by many non-Brasilians for saying that it was not a coup in Honduras and we had no business to get involved in their internal affairs. Their criticisms didn’t bother me the least.

  • Zico

    Lula and his boys picked the wrong horse in this race, as did Obama/Hillary, but Lula’s gang are too dumb to seize the chance to save face. There was no coup in Honduras- Zelaya was removed per their constitution as HE was trying to change it. Now, as per the Honduran constitution, a new president is being ELECTED.

    How can the Brazilian government expect to be taken seriously when they follow the Banana Republic playbook?

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