Lula Calls Lunacy Ex-Ally’s Charges that He Tried to Rape Youngster in Jail

Lula as work leader The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is according to his cabinet chief Gilberto Carvalho, "sad, downcast and unable to understand" after finding out that an old friend and one of the founders of the Workers Party, César Benjamin, wrote an article in daily Folha de S. Paulo telling that Lula by his own admission tried in 1980 to rape a colleague who was in jail with him for political crime. 

The Brazilian leader called the charge "insanity"  and Carvalho classified the newspaper article as a psychopathic episode: "This is a psychopath's thing. For us this is something that can only be explained by psychopathy. The president is sad and said that this is insane." Lula's aide also added that the Brazilian president doesn't intend to sue Benjamin.

"We won't give the minimum importance to the episode. We would dirty  ourselves if we did this. When there is something serious we react. When it's not we ignore it," he added.

In his piece, Benjamin writes that in a conversation that he had with then presidential candidate Lula, in 1994, the future president revealed to him that he had tried to "subdue" a cell mate when he was jailed for about one month.

According to Benjamin, Lula asked him for how long he had stayed in prison during the military dictatorship. Upon hearing that the author had spent a few years in prison, Lula told him: "I wouldn't be able to take it. I can't live without pussy."

The victim, according to the article was known as the MEP boy. MEP was a leftist group, which doesn't exist anymore. Benjamin recalls Lula saying that he had been surprised at the resistance the boy offered to his advances, frustrating the rape attack with nudges and punches.  Lula's security and adman Paulo de Tarso, and two other people, the author can't remember the name, have also heard the conversation, the article  maintains.

Carvalho says that he talked to Tarso, who denied having heard this story from Lula. "I talked to Paulo de Tarso, and he said that he can't understand what got into this boy's (César Benjamin) head."

See below stretches of the controversial article:

"São Paulo, 1994. I was at the house used for the production of TV programs for the Lula campaign. With the Real Plan, Fernando Henrique had moved ahead of us, complicating and upsetting our campaign.

In this context, I left a job and family in Rio and I set myself up at the TV producer's place, sleeping in a sofa, in order to try to help. One day I got an undesirable gift: a group of supporters brought from the United States a renowned marketing professional whose name I forget. Lula recorded the programs, about  twice a week, so I ended up living with the American during a few days before he had ever seen the candidate.

He told me about the importance of the first meeting, in which he would try to format Lula's psychology, to find out what went through his soul, who was he, to  find out his opinions  about Brazil and the campaign's moment, for only then proposing a strategy. For me, absolutely nothing made sense, but I did not want to be a pest. The first meeting was in the cafeteria, for a lunch.

At the table, there were me, the American at my side, Lula and adman Paulo de Tarso opposite me and, at the table's ends, there were Espinoza (Lula's security) and another Brazilian adman who worked with us and whose name I also can't recall. Lula struck up a conversation: "You've been in jail, haven't you Cesinha?" "I have." "For how long?" "A few years…", I changed the subject (I rarely talk about this subject). Lula carried on: "I wouldn't be able to take it. I can't live without pussy".

To prove this statement, he went on to narrate with fluency how he had attempted to subdue another prisoner during the 30 days he had been in jail. He called him  "the MEP boy," in reference to an organization of left that doesn't exist anymore. He had been surprised at the resistance of the "boy," who had frustrated the attack with nudges and punches.

This was one of the most Kafkian moments I ever lived. While I listened to the candidate's narrative, I recalled the times in which I could have been, let's say, "the MEP's boy" in the hands of common criminals who were considered dangerous, condemned to long jail terms, who despite these conditions, always respected me.

The American marketing professional nudged me, impatiently, so that I would translate what Lula was talking, given the importance of the first encounter. I didn't know what to do. It couldn't tell him what I was hearing. After lunch, I changed the subject: Lula had only talked generalities, things without significance. The American thought I was boycotting his work. He became angry and, fortunately, disappeared.

The man who told me he attacked him is today president of the Republic. He is conciliatory and, they say, he is doing a good administration. He got international projection. I distanced myself from him after that conversation at the television producer, but I wish him luck, for the good of our country.

I hope he has improved with the passing years. (…) I never found out who is the "MEP boy". I suppose he is alive, since the organization was formed by people with my profile. By and large our survival rate, is much better than the one for the poor and blacks….

Folha's biography for Benjamin:

César Benjamin, 55, was active in the high school movement in 1968 and went into hiding after the announcement of the Institutional Act number 5, on December 13 of that year, joining the armed resistance to the military regime.

He was arrested in mid 1971, at age 17, and expelled from the country at the end of 1976. He returned in 1978. He helped to found the PT, which he left in 1995. In 2006 he was candidate to vice president in the ticket led by senator Heloí­sa Helena, of the PSOL party, which he also left.

He worked at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, at the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science, at the Rio de Janeiro City Hall and at the Nova Fronteira publishing house. He works as editor at the Contraponto publishing house and is a columnist of Folha."


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  • UmHomemQualquer

    Folha de Sao Paulo
    Frias family is probably the most vicious MOSSAD lovers in Brazil. Frias family tried to register AOL and copied PayPal software. Hey Frias, get to the program & smell the North American JAVA, since ccTLD .br belongs to United States of America and Ben Self, Obama’s web political strategist will run the WEB SHOW in Brazil in 2010. source:

  • João da Silva

    Wow, ASP. You have a knack to make make friends even in the Islamic world.PBO should appoint you as the American ambassador in Tehran. 😀 😉

  • Abdul Khan

    Peace be upon you my friend and thank you for replying to my post.

    [quote]i hope you will still feel them knowing im an american living in brazil[/quote]

    We have nothing against peace loving Americans like your honorable self sir. Though I must compliment you for living in a peaceful country like Brazil where there is no hatred towards other religions. I should remind you that one of the greatest Muslim Americans is Mr.Muhammed Ali from the last generation and another is your current President. So how could we be against the Americans?

    [quote]and i can only say, after many years in brazil , i dont detect anything like zionist solders or even a powerful jewish lobby like they have in the united states …at least that is my point of veiw[/quote]

    I am glad that you are feeling more secure in Brazil, away from the greedy bankers like Madoff, Goldman Sachs,etc;. However, I must take you to task for calling it a “Jewish lobby” in your country of birth. Please henceforth refer to it as a “Zionist Lobby”. Our Jewish brothers do not need a lobby. Please reflect for a minute, hours,days,months and years. You will discover the truth.

    [quote]best of health for you and your family [/quote]

    To you and your family also, sir. Inshallah.

  • asp

    khan , thank you for your blessings….
    i hope you will still feel them knowing im an american living in brazil

    i have nothing but respect for peace loving people , and wish peace for you and your family

    i agree lula has done a fine diplomatic job with the world

    and i can only say, after many years in brazil , i dont detect anything like zionist solders or even a powerful jewish lobby like they have in the united states …at least that is my point of veiw

    ….and we can agree to disagree , every one is entitled to their point of veiw

    best of health for you and your family

  • Abdul Khan

    Peace be upon you and your entire family, my friend. It is a pleasure to make acquaintance with you who is blessed with wisdom by Allah.

    [quote]khan, a agree the story about lula is false, but “zionist solders”? you have to be kidding[/quote]

    I am glad that you agree with the view of the whole Islamic World that the story about Mr.Lula is false. AllahÀ‚´s soldier merely pointed out the obvious.

    Regarding your comment on my kidding about Zionist Soldiers, unfortunately you are mistaken. AllahÀ‚´s soldiers are visible to everybody, because they wear turbans or burkhas and thus identify themselves. On the contrary, the Zionist Soldiers move silently without any uniforms and it is impossible for law abiding citizens like you to detect. The next time you ride a subway train in your city, keep a watch on innocent looking old lady sitting next to you and knitting a sweater for her great grand children. The knitting needle is a weapon!Then get on into a bus and sit next to an old fart in a pin striped suit, wearing a bowler hat and carrying an umbrella. Try to pick up a chat with this old fellow and if you don’t agree with his rants, he might use the umbrella to kill you. I don’t want to frighten you, but you Brazilians are so innocent and goodhearted that you fail to see where the real threat is coming from.

    Let me hasten to add that the whole Islamic world is behind your duly elected President and I am glad that you are behind him too.

    May peace be upon you and your extended family. Inshallah.

  • asp

    khan, a agree the story about lula is false, but “zionist solders”? you have to be kidding
    if you want to really point out the existance of “zionist solders” in the world, if you want credibility you shouldnt say they exist somewhere they dont….it weakons your arguments

    there are no zionist solders running around influencing the press in brazil…there are no zionist solders running around doing anything in brazil

  • Abdul Khan

    [quote]Lula is not gay.It is impossible for Lula to be gay. This is a dirty attempt to paint him in bad way. He is happily married. Maybe Lula was raped himself…that is probable.[/quote]

    AllahÀ‚´s Soldier is absolutely correct. It is an attempt by the Zionists Soldiers to assassinate the character of the Brazilian President. Th entire Islamic world is rejecting this repugnant propaganda against the most popular Word Leader.

  • Anita

    I don’t doubt it.
    I don’t doubt it for a second. Lula has already given proof of his low moral standards (corruption, nepotism, so on and so forth), and has repeatedly shown to be of shady character. It seems perfectly plausible that he’d take part in something this absurd and depredating – and what’s worst – laugh about it as if it was no big deal. This man is beyond an embarrassment, he’s a psychopath, hidden behind a money-filled corrupt government that works 24/7 to make him look remotely human. And to whoever is discussing whether he’s gay or not, you’re missing the point entirely, this isn’t about his personal choices, this is about an attempted rape – a horrible degrading crime.

  • Soldier of Allah

    Lula is not gay.
    It is impossible for Lula to be gay. This is a dirty attempt to paint him in bad way. He is happily married.
    Maybe Lula was raped himself…that is probable.

  • Jonny Corleone

    Yeah, right
    Some people say “you wash it, and itÀ‚´s new again” haha.

  • João da Silva

    This is a story hard to believe.

    [quote]He helped to found the PT, which he left in 1995. In 2006 he was candidate to vice president in the ticket led by senator HeloÀƒ­sa Helena, of the PSOL party, which he also left.[/quote]

    Benjamin had two opportunities (one in 2002 and another in 2006) to tarnish the image of the then Presidential candidate and reduce the chances of Lula being elected. Why wait till now to come out with this “sensational” news ? Unfortunately Folha is indulging in pure yellow journalism, by publishing his article.

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