Caetano Veloso: Lula Hypnotized Brazil and Took It Back to the 40s

Singer Caetano Veloso Brazilian singer composer Caetano Veloso, one of Brazil’s most exquisite poet-crooners, has called the president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva a “coup monger” and the opposition presidential candidate José Serra, a “moron” and an “idiot.” 

Veloso, no fan of Lula, again criticized the Brazilian president in an interview with the local media in Santo Amaro, his home town in the northeastern state of Bahia, during the celebration of his mother’s 103rd birthday who happens to be a big fan of the former union leader turned into president.

Last year Veloso called Lula da Silva “illiterate” and now described him as a “coup-monger” for having asked the Brazilian electorate “to extirpate with votes from Brazilian politics,” the ultra-conservative Democrat party.

“People can’t listen to that and remain with crossed arms. And if someone in the press objects, ‘some idiot is calling him a coup monger’, a coup monger is someone who needs to destroy a party that exists within the law.”

The singer and composer also attacked José Serra, the main presidential candidate of the opposition running with the Brazil’s Social Democracy party, who during the campaign aired images of him next to Lula.

“Serra is an idiot who wanted to look like Lula, wanting people to believe he is like Lula. He’s a moron,” insisted Veloso who added that the ruling Workers Party candidate Dilma Rousseff counts with the “un-critical” support of the people to President.

“It’s like if we had a hypnotized population. People aren’t thinking with clarity or freedom. We’re on the wrong track back to the Latin America of the forties and fifties. Brazil, the Brazilian people can’t go on along this line,” insisted Veloso.

Veloso is actively participating in the October 3 presidential election campaign of the Greens and their candidate Marina Silva, who has an 11% support according to the latest public opinion polls.

Ms Silva is a former Environment minister with President Lula da Silva. Silva resigned from the cabinet and the Workers Party, of which she was one of the founders, following divergences over environment policies in the Amazon basin.

The polls indicate that Ms Rousseff has a solid 51% support while her main rival, Serra remains stuck at 27%.

If these percentages are confirmed there is no need for a run-off at the end of the month and Brazil’s next president will be for the first time a woman.

Rousseff is a former guerrilla and an economist who held crucial posts in Lula’s cabinet, but never before had run for office.



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