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Rio’s Top Cop Toppled After Tough Judge Is Killed by Police

Tough judge Patricia Acioli Rio de Janeiro states’s military police chief has resigned amid a scandal that linked a top officer and other policemen to the assassination of a high-profile judge.

Colonel Mario Sergio Duarte submitted his letter of resignation Wednesday night and the request was accepted by the state’s secretary of public security, José Mariano Beltrame.

The move came two days after a lieutenant colonel, Claudio Oliveira, was arrested and accused of being the man who ordered the killing of Judge Patricia Lourival Acioli.

She was gunned down last month on her doorstep by hooded gunmen in the Rio suburb of Niterói.

Acioli, a 47-year-old mother of three, was known for her hard-line stance against Rio de Janeiro’s criminal gangs and brutal militias, mostly former policemen-turned-drug runners who formed extermination gangs much like the ones seen in Mexico.

Her death came days after she delivered tough sentences against former policemen who turned to crime.

In addition to Oliveira, nine other military policemen have been arrested and accused of direct or indirect involvement in the crime.

The public security secretary said the police commander’s resignation was “voluntary and irrevocable in character.”

A new top commander will be named shortly.

In her 18-year career, Acioli handed down about 60 sentences against policemen and former policemen despite recurring death threats against her, high court criminal judge Manoel Alberto Rebelo dos Santos told reporters last month.

According to investigators, Acioli was on a handwritten death list issued by a leading member of a militia group who was recently arrested in Rio de Janeiro.



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  • capnamerca

    Brazil Researcher . .
    Far from hating Brazil, I love the people who are getting ripped off and mistreated by all the crooked politicians and other officials. In fact, I work for free to try to help the poor kids here get a decent chance at a good education.

    But, tell me . . if he is guilty of nothing, why would he resign? Same with all of the corrupt administrators who have resigned. They take their illegal booty and walk away. As long as they are allowed to do that, and are not prosecuted, the status quo will continue. And it’s a terrible shame that the hard working honest Brazilians are robbed blind paying for it all.

    As far as corruption in the U.S. goes, I work hard at exposing it every day, and I am happy to see the Americans are finally taking some action. In the last couple months, there have been hundreds of Americans arrested for demonstrating and standing up to the crooks. I hope it continues and grows until something is done to return the nation to the people.

    I see also that some Brazilians are standing up to the corrupt politicians, and I also hope and pray that they get the results that are needed.

    Sorry that you seem to have so much hate in you that you would twist the truth in an effort to attack someone you know nothing about. Typical I guess for those who troll around the internet forums looking for someone to hate. I feel bad for you, really. There’s a better way to live.

  • Brazil Researcher

    Mr Capamerica,

    He resigned. He is not guilty and criminals do go to jail in Brazil. Do yourself a favor, stop with your crap, concentrate on your own corruption in the US,there status quo will never change. We all know your hatred against Brazil and you hate it that it’s making progress. It must brake your heart that the US is sinking and nobody cares about it anymore.

  • capnamerca

    Too bad . . . .
    As long as the courts let these corrupt criminals/politicians resign and walk away with no punishment, the status quo will never change.

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