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Brazil Drafts China and Mercosur into War on Piracy

Approximately 75% of the pirated items consumed in Brazil come from abroad, informed the president of the National Council to Combat Piracy and Crimes against Intellectual Property (CNCP), Luiz Paulo Barreto.

According to the president, the Brazilian government signed agreements with China and Paraguay to control the entry of counterfeit products into the country and intends to reach accords with other countries.

Barreto affirmed that the idea is to expand international partnerships in the war on piracy. "We even plan to raise the issue in the Mercosur, to attempt to discuss joint measures by Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as by Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela (which are associated members), since all these countries are harmed by piracy, which is dominated by organized crime not just in Brazil but in the whole region," he informed.

According to Barreto, the agreements provide for police cooperation in the war on piracy. One of the current problems, he says, is that, in many cases, the seizure of counterfeit merchandise that enters Brazil across the Paraguayan border does not put a halt to the continued manufacture of these items in the neighboring country.

"With the agreement, Brazil opens an investigation here in the country, and Paraguay opens an investigation there to discover the origin of the merchandise. We can send our police to accompany their investigation, and vice-versa. That is, it will be a joint investigation, and we will try to dismantle the factory where these products are made," he explained.

Agência Brasil


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    …you also had 90 % of the GM seeds that were smuggled, mostly from Argentina, for years until you approved them !!!!!

    Nothing was done to dismantle this smuggling business, despite the GM seeds were worse than the pirated items….they were not allowed to be planted, not allowed to be cropped and sold either locally or exported !!!

    But who cared ??????????? smile…………..

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