Brazil Starts Controlling Flow of Textiles Coming from China

The Brazilian government will begin to control the entry of Chinese textile products starting on April 3. The voluntary restriction accord, settled between Brazil and China on March 3, will prevail between 2006 and 2008.

The accord establishes limits for 8 types of Chinese imports: velvets, embroidered goods, knitted shirts, polyester textured threads, synthetic fibers, silk fabrics, sweaters, and pullovers. The 8 groups cover 76 different items that correspond to 76% of the imports in this area.

Other Brazilian industrial segments are now ready to ask for government help against what they see as unfair Chinese competition. Even though the government prefers to negotiate, it has not dismissed the possibility of adopting trade defense measures against the Asian trade giant.

"We are trying to do what we can to protect our country’s employment. We will do this, negotiating with the Chinese, and, if it comes to that, using safeguards, when these agreements aren’t possible," says Armando Maziat, secretary of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade.

"We shall always try to work out an agreement, but the government will not give up using a legitimate instrument to protect Brazil’s industry."

According to data from the ministry, Chinese textile exports to Brazil have increased from US$ 153 million in 2003 to US$ 251 million in 2004 and US$ 360 million in 2005.

Similar, more restricted agreements with China were signed before with the United States and the European Union. In the case of the United States, the agreement covers 45.8% of the items that are sold, while the agreement with the European Union applies to 30% of the imports from China.

"These agreements are much better than the safeguards. The countries aren’t fighting; they’re only defining levels of cooperation," says Paulo Bastos, vice-president of the Brazil-China Chamber of Economic Development."

Agência Brasil


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    to the idiot that wrote \”strange countr
    Strange country???
    Here we go again…we have the same stupid inbecil with absolut no knowledge of anything making critics for Brazil 24/7.You write the same bullshit in responce to every single article that is written in this site. It doesn’t matter what subject it may be…you responce is the same…that ALL brazilians are corrupt thieves from top to bottom…”in the genes”etc etc… . I think you are paid by an organization to write this stupid non-factual, non founded, erroneous, strange things…and people are getting sick of your bullshit mate… So think they know who you are…and they going to get you…and boyyyy when they do it is going to be one of the biggest law suites in the history of “slander”and irresponsible jornalism…and you know what I’m talking about, don’t you…
    Have a great day boddy!

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    Senhor Paulo Bastos!
    O treade entre Brasil and China nao e ma ideia, mas o Brasil e 6 maior produtor in textile. O Brasil precisa importar coisas que nao fabricamos, e tambem nao esqueca que a China entra na competicao, porque as coisas que made in china, sao fabricadas geralmente pelas maos de escravos. Olha o que aconteceu nos USA, quase tudo que se compra e “made in China”
    os precos sao baixos, e e por isso que os EUA enfrenta um fluxo enorme de produtos fabricados na China, Senhor Paulo Bastos nao deixe acontecer isso no nosso pais, O brazil tem a capacidade de produzir quase tudo com excelente mao de obra, nao deixe o nosso povo brasileiro sem emprego. Nos temos que exportar para china(arroz, carne,frutas, legumes etc… a China tem mais de um bilhao de habitantes, no Brasil a nossa populacao e menos de 200 milhoes de habitantes. Nos temos que vender pra China, o que compraremos (eletronicos) o Brasil precisa de Eletronicos(computadores, CD,DVD,Televisoes etc…) Nao deixe o Brasil se transformar em um Pais dependente. Hoje nos USA 80% ou mais do produtos veio de fora, ate o reporter de 60 minutes, fez um comentario, as firmas grandes estao mudando para outros paises, India, China. porque eles terao um lucro muito maior, mas em compensacao a maior de obra americana esta handicap, e o desemprego nos USA e muito grande, porque nao existe emprego para aquelas pessoas que trabalhavam em fabricas. Por favor olhe com muito cuidado este assunto com a China

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    Strange country !!!!!!!
    You want to control Chinese textile imports…..But at the WTO….you dont understand why the EU wants to control your exports to them !!!!
    And we are not talking of only Us$ 350 millions as is the fcase for the Chinese textiles that you import but of far far far more money.

    Unfairness, non reciprocity, injustice, is the daily life and the way of thinking in Brazil.

    You want to treat your foreign trading partners….the same way you adress your wealth inequality, injustice, IMPUNITY, RED TAPE, bureaucracy, poverty, lack of infrastructure, corruption, vote buying, lack of education and lack of social inclusion.

    This is in your blood and in your genes !!!!
    You will not change for the next centuries.
    Disasters, failures and mismanagement are for ever in your country !
    That is not without reason that your nickname is :

    You already missed the BOOM of the last 3 years by having been on the queue of ALL developing nations for the GDP growth.And Lula the junkie is proud of his achievements. Greaaat !
    No doubt that as usual, you will excel in the next downturn that already started….and BUST you will be again…ion the not too distant future.

    History will just repeat itself again and again !!!!

    quite unfortunate for the Brazilian society who deserve a much better future, but afterall your society elected democratically the presidents and politicians that put them in such a bad situation.

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