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Brazilian Government Says Family Grant Program is Huge Success

According to the Brazilian government numbers, around 85% of the people served by the Family Grant program consider the program to be excellent or good. And for 88%, the family’s situation improved after they began to receive this assistance from the government.

The data are contained a study done for the Brazilian Ministry of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation at the end of 2005. Interviews were conducted with 2.3 thousand of the program’s beneficiaries all over Brazil.

The analysis shows a 21.35% annual increase in family income. "On average, the benefit amounts to US$ 30.26 (R$ 64.19), and, with it, average family income rose from US$ 142.35 (R$ 302) to US$ 172.52 (R$ 366) per month," says Rômulo Paes, the secretary in charge of the Evaluation of Information Management in the Ministry.

"The recipients spend around 40% of this money on food, therefore indicating that it has a positive impact on these people’s budgets," he affirms.

According to the secretary, the study also showed that, while the program has helped to improve these people’s lives, there is still much that needs to be done.

The Family Grant, which was created in 2004, is intended to make it possible for the poorer members of the population to have access to basic social rights, such as health, food, education, and social assistance.



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    Dead wrong !
    Just read the latest report from the UN….on this subject !

    It says the exact….opposite !

    Part of the UN report was published in this site a few days ago !!!!!

    Why dont Lula and his junkies…let objectives third parties judge of their achievements.

    Very strange that these guys always say how good they were……when objective analysis say…. the opposite!!!!

    This is just like your corrupted politicians, who have been found guilty, but absolved by politicians…themselves as much corrupted !!!!

  • Guest

    How can Brazil export so much agriculture….before feeding their own citizens ???????

    You cannot be the garden of the world and have hunger and millions and millions of under nourrished citizens !!!

    Something is WRONG ! DEAD WRONG !

    You prefer to export and then ask loans to the World Bank….to help feed your citizens !!!!

    Yeahhhhh !

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