If You Are 13 and in School You Are Entitled to a Free Condom in Brazil

Condom in Brazil is known popularly as camisinha, little shirt

Condom in Brazil is known popularly as camisinha, little shirt After finding out that 45% of Brazil's high-school students have an active sexual life and that 30% had not used a condom in their latest intercourse, most because they did not have one available, the Brazilian Ministry of Health has decided to expand its program of free distribution of condoms in schools.

Most Brazilian parents and students are in favor of having condoms distributed in schools, according to a UNESCO study. 89.5% of the students say that having rubbers offered at school is  "a cool idea"  and 63% of the parents agree with them.

4.1% of the students as well as 6.7% of the teachers and 12% of the parents believe, however, that schools should be out of this.

The condom-for-youth program is part of the SPE (Health and Prevention in Schools) program whose main goal is to fight AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The UNESCO study interviewed 102,000 students from 135 schools in six capital cities. Among those who answered the questionnaire, 44.7% told they had an active sexual life. From these, 60.9 percent said they wore a condom in their first sexual encounter, while 69.7% revealed they did the same in their most recent intercourse.

According to the STD's National Program, the program of condom distribution in schools, which was implanted a decade ago, reaches now 17% of the Brazilian high schools.

The Brazilian government is already distributing 100 million camisinhas (little shirts) a year to youngsters who are 13 to 24 years old. Authorities haven't decided yet how and when the new program will be implemented, but automatic vending machines should play a big role in the distribution.

Brazil's health officials cite the UNESCO study to explain its aggressive policy of handing out condoms to the very young and they dismiss any criticism that their actions are stimulating precocious sexual relations.

"We already have a concrete decision for expansion," said Health Minister, Agenor ílvares.

His Department doesn't have precise data on how many schools are already giving away free condoms, but the 2005 school census shows that among learning institutions that talk about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) 8.7% of elementary schools and 16.9% of high schools offer free male condoms to its students.

While 43% of the Brazilian students interviewed said that they hadn't used a condom in their latest sexual relation, 23% revealed that they trusted their partner enough not to bother to wear a rubber.

Another 21% confided that the reason they didn't wear a condom was that the device reduced their pleasure. Only 9.7% admitted they didn't have money to buy the product.


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  • Ric

    ThereÀ‚´s a whole À‚´nother issue here. They will give condoms to those of a certain age who are attending school. Whatever the percentage is, there are significant numbers of teens and pre-teens NOT attending school. The article does not say anything about providing condoms for the non-attenders.

    First, this may be interpreted as elitist, why spend time spelling out why. ItÀ‚´s obvious.

    Second, how would policy this affect the national median in several areas, with the uneducated having unplanned for children unchecked while the educated or semi-educated would see a big decline in same.

  • ch.c.

    And what about the famous 1 billion condoms……
    “decision” to be offered free….annually…for the last several years ?
    Announcements made with BIG fanfare…year after year…..every time….everywhere !

    Well, the truth is….HERE :
    ” Sao Paulo- The Brazilian authorities said they will not be
    able to achieve their goal of distributing a billion free condoms per
    year, local media reported Wednesday.
    Mariangela Simao, coordinator of the National Programme for
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases-AIDS, said 251 million condoms were
    distributed in 2005 and 253.7 million in 2006.

    “The figure of 1 billion is unfeasible. We have no way to
    guarantee the certification of such a large lot,” Simao said.

    Quality control is absolutely necessary prior to distribution, she

    Two Brazilian institutions in charge of quality control can
    currently certify between 60 and 80 million condoms a month.

    “We would like to distribute 500 million condoms a year, that
    figure would be ideal,” Simao said, toning down the government’s
    earlier ambitions.

    The authorities commented ahead of Brazil’s world-famous Carnival
    season next month, when the distribution of free condoms receives
    special attention.”


  • Ric

    “We already have a concrete decision for expansion”? “Dismiss any criticism that their actions are stimulating….”? Who writes this stuff? Order a shipload of saltpeter, these kids already know how to make balloon figures out of rubbers.

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