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Swiss M1 Travel Gets 5 Maybe 10 Brazil’s Embraer 190 E-Jets

Embraer 190 E-Jet manufactured by Brazil's Embraer

Embraer 190 E-Jet manufactured by Brazil's Embraer Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer and Switzerland-based M1 Travel Ltd. have just announced a contract for five Embraer 190 E-Jets, with options for five more of either the same model or the bigger Embraer 195, depending on market demands.

M1 Travel Ltd is a subsidiary of M1 Group and one of the largest shareholders of Geneva-based Flybaboo SA.

The first three Embraer 190s, with deliveries starting in 2008, will be leased by M1 to Flybaboo. The total value of the deal, if all options are exercised, could reach US$ 355 million, at list prices.

The aircraft will be equipped with leather seats, and M1 Travel Ltd. has the option to fit them with a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment (IFE) system.

The company has also selected the Steep Approach option that will enable them to operate out of London City Airport and will also allow operation out of Switzerland's Sion Airport, as well as Lugano, Switzerland, and Florence, Italy, all requiring airplanes with special performance capabilities.

All of the Embraer 190s leased to Flybaboo SA will support, according to the Brazilian manufacturer, the airline's current development, as well as help it reach new destinations and better serve its market.


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  • I hate when you kiss my ass Ric.

    WRONG!!! Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!
    They don’t control the money they are simply money keepers. Its just banking…thats all !!! And, sometimes they do a little laundry themselves!!! Laugh laugh laugh… what a shihole country!
    Hey Ricyyyyyy Ricardo how was that “stretching” excercise that you love so much, during the carnival? Brazilians have big hands don’t they?

  • Ric

    The Germans
    Have the Ruhr Valley but the Swiss control the money.

    Any slurs on Ch.c can be prosecuted as hate crimes by his followers.

    A German bringing up Kurt to the Swiss? Talk about LOL.

  • Ric

    Oh, hello!
    HereÀ‚´s more, I know you live to read it: interesting the name M1, great choice for sportsmen since it takes a standard 30-06 cartridge.

  • your simpleton

    Rickyyyyyy Ricardo!!!!
    Ricky Ricardo!!! You have such an abundance of useless information… Bo told me you both had a great time during carnival this year…but you were both kind of stretched out to the max … if you know what I mean! Bo said he loved fisting with you but he wants heÀ¢€™s watchband back !?

  • your German owner!!!

    wishful thinkng swiss wonder!!! you ‘re dreaming lol!!
    You don’t have technology to save your own ass, mate!!! You are and will always be the asswhole of Europe and second class German indigent. Decadent fucking country with no industry to speak of… with 3 % of the population holding 95% of the country!!! laugh laugh laugh…It’s a BANANA BOAT COUNTRY FULL OF ALBINO MONKIES!!! laugh laugh laugh…

  • Ric

    Swiss Plane
    The original Learjet was a Swiss design. Bill Lear changed the fuselage, but the engineering and even hard tooling were from a Swiss fighter-bomber project.

  • ch.c.

    To Kurt !
    DONT WORRY……no one knows M1.
    Should be of these holdings….for tax purposes !!!!!!

    Flybaboo is a Swiss based airlines, but very small !

    Enjoy your Embraer E170/190 planes. which every brazilian believes is made with brazilian technology and brazilian money.

    Sorry buddy, you are all wrong. Please refer to one of my previous comments.
    for the E170/190 there are 16 risk sharing partners and I have demonstrated that most planes parts are of foreign technology.
    Reality being…that Embraer effectively designed the planes, but not having the technoploy to build most of the parts needed !!!!!!

    If you wish…..I will be pleased to give you once more all the details. THE OFFICIAL AND FACTUAL DETAILS……. of course !!!!!!

  • Your boy friend Kurt says Hi!!!

    Hey Ch.c where are you???
    Fuck the swiss!!! Let them built their own planes!!!

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