A Few Ways to Legally Move to Brazil Without Having to Marry a Brazilian

Central Market in Florianópolis, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Central Market in Florianópolis, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil Immigration visa to Brazil will be granted only to applicants who satisfy the special requirements established by the Brazilian National Immigration Council or the Ministry of Labor. In principle, there are seven cases in which a foreigner can obtain a permanent residence visa to Brazil:

The administrator, manager or director of a professional or business corporation

This category is designed to cover inter-company transfers. Thus, the applicant must already be employed outside of Brazil by the parent company or by an affiliate or subsidiary of the company that proposes to employ him inside Brazil. However, there is no minimum time for that previous employment. Necessary documents for the first step will include:

1-Proof that the applicant is employed outside Brazil by the parent company, or an affiliate or subsidiary of the Brazilian hiring company;

2-A demonstration that the Brazilian company is bringing in specialized labor that will transfer technology, increase productivity and/or bring social benefits;

3-Proof that the company outside of Brazil or its parent has effected total foreign-capital investments of at least US$ 200,000 in the employing company in Brazil for each visa requested.

Administrator, manager or director of a start-up company

Planned and recent start-up companies may apply for a maximum of three visas, essentially for the executives who will get the operation off the ground. The following conditions will apply:

1-Proof that the non-Brazilian company has been in business outside of Brazil for at least five years;

2-Power of attorney granted by the foreign investor to its new legal representatives for the purposes of setting up the company in Brazil;

3-A visa of this type will be issued initially for two years. The applicant company must demonstrate that after this period it will be able to meet the minimum investment or job creation criteria laid down for transfers to an established company (see above).


Foreigners who wish to reside in Brasil in order to start an economical activity (company) may be granted a permanent visa by proving investment of foreign funds. While Brazil is recognized as an excellent business opportunity with over 170 million consumers, many companies are deterred by the language and perceived cultural differences.

There are indeed some obstacles to doing business in Brazil, but the barriers faced by foreign companies are not much different to those faced by domestic companies and are not a real deterrent to doing business.

A foreigner who intends to remain permanently in Brazil and will invest foreign funds in productive activities, so absorbing or training specialized labor.

This category was planned for those foreigners who wish to invest funds (minimum of US$ 50,000) in any kind of productive activity in Brazil. This kind of permanent visa is issued conditionally for five years.

Before this period ends, the foreigner must show to the Federal Police that he accomplished with his plan of absorption of Brazilian employees and his investment plan so his visa can be re-validated. This investment has to be made in a Brazilian company and the funds can be used in the acquisition of real estate and other goods for the company.

The procedural steps are as follows:

1-Identify Brazilian resident partner to represent you;   

2-Incorporate company (this takes 45-75 days in Rio de Janeiro ). The company is a "Limitada". It is a personal corporate vehicle and is a hybrid between a partnership and a closed limited company;  

3-Obtain CNPJ – Corporate tax registration;   

4-Register the company with the Central Bank for foreign exchange;   

5-Open bank account for company;  

6-Transfer investment of US$ 50,000 minimum;   

7-Process permanent Visa;   

8-Obtain RNE – Brazilian foreigners ID card;

A researcher or high level specialist

The applicant must supply:

A document from a Brazilian research institution manifesting its interest in the services of the researcher;

A curriculum vitae and appropriate academic references and diplomas.


A retired foreigner, over 50, who will transfer to Brazil the monthly equivalent of at least US$ 2,000. There is no limit to the number of dependents who may also receive permanent residence visas, but the main applicant must provide proof that they are genuine dependent relatives, as defined in Brazilian law – see Res. 4 of the CNI (National Immigration Council).

The main applicant must prove he has a pension of at least US$ 2,000 a month. This will entitle him to visas for himself and two dependents. The applicant must demonstrate an additional US$ 1,000/month for each additional dependent, over and above the two already mentioned, and must supply, amongst other things:

A statement from the foreign agency responsible for paying his retirement pension, informing the total monthly sum of the benefit;

A bank declaration authorizing monthly transfer of at least US$ 2,000.

Marriage to a Brazilian citizen

This case is covered by a resolution of the National Immigration Council. A permanent residence visa is granted to foreigners married to Brazilian citizens. Application is made to the Ministry of Justice (normally via regional Federal Police offices, which represent the ministry at a State level) or to a Brazilian consulate abroad.

Evidence (e.g. marriage certificate, statement from witnesses) should be presented of the matrimonial union. Immigration officials will effect a surprise visit to the couple's home to make sure that the relationship is not a "marriage of convenience" that has the principal purpose of fraudulently obtaining a residence visa.

Foreigner with Brazilian offspring

This case is covered by a resolution of the National Immigration Council. A permanent visa is traditionally granted to the foreign parent or parents of a Brazilian child. Application is made to the Ministry of Justice (normally via regional Federal Police offices, which represent the ministry at a State level) or to a Brazilian consulate abroad. The offspring should be economically dependent on the foreign mother or father and be under the guardianship of the applicant.


Immigration to Brazil could be tough and lengthy process if you are not familiar with the laws and regulations. It is further complicated by the fact that the immigration authorities in Brazil barely speak English and all instructions are in Portuguese.

Family Gathering

According to the principle of international family reunion, the Brazilian Law allows that a foreigner be granted a visa based on his family ties in Brazil, be it through a son, siblings, parents or grand-parents.

Homosexual Partner

The Brazilian legislation authorizes the permanent visa grant to the foreign homosexual partner who present steady bonds with a Brazilian citizen. This kind of visa is an innovation in the immigration legislation, since it allows the union of a couple independent of sexual orientation.

Tourist Visa Renewal

Through close follow-up in all involved offices and gathering all the necessary documents and forms, counseling in tourist visa renewal for foreigners visiting Brazil. This kind of visa is valid for 90 days and may be renewed for up to 180 days in one year.

Alessandro Jacob is a member of the Rio de Janeiro section of the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association). He speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. More information on his website: www.alvesjacob.com.br.


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  • Stephen J Miller US Army ret

    Hello friends, I need a place to stay while I seek to buy 40 acres in Brasil, help??

    I will tell you about me a bit first.

    I am 44 and have the energy and strength of a 20 year old man, I love people and animals, sometimes animals better 🙂 and I have found acreage, 30 to even 1000 acres of rain forest area in Brasil just today with financing ready.
    I chose 52 acres actually at $1790.00 down and around 200 US per month, total cost $17.900,00.

    I am a farmer and plan to get dual citizenship and farm in Brasil, I believe the Brasilian Police will like my idea and references too for my work Visa, I hope?? That’s why I need a room until I can close deals and make everything Legal too..

    Anyone up for a guest say November 5TH 2009 later this year?? I will buy dinners and even give you some acres in the back of the forest when it is fenced for helping me, and just because it is the right thing to do.

    cheers and God bless,

    Maestro Miller, Stephen J Miller.
    My Florida phone number just in case 1-313 575 8138.

    Peace 😉 😉 😉

  • Ld

    I came to Brasil 4 times to visit a very fine Lady here in Brasil we met on the internet 8 years ago, and she came to USA 3 times to visit, we finally got married, went through all the legal requirments needed, sold the large motor home , sold the house , the car and pick-up, put every thing that we could not sell into a 20 foot container and shipped it to Brasil, been here 3 1/2years and really like it, the people are friendlly and kind and very familly oreantated and happy with what they have.We have traveld to many cities here in Brasil, people are always willing to help with any thing. The shopping malls are more modern than most in US, cars get better gas millage than those in US, yes , some roads are not too good but always getting repaired, rain takes it toll, the main high ways are just as good as those in the US.
    My thoughts go out to the poor people here in Brasil, but they consider themselves happy for what they have.
    I love Brasil and have planned to see more of it. by the way, PEOPLE IN THE USA DON,T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL BRASIL
    Much regards,
    please visit our web-site-www.mariaavila.com

  • Steve K

    I Agree with Sanjaya about life…

    I completely agree with you 100% about the way of life in Brazil. That’s the way it should be here in the US. I’ve been there, visiting my wife’s family – and woke up to the reality of how socialized a huge family should be. My family in the US is scattered all over the place, anti-social and there is not much contact between members except greeting cards for the holidays. I too will be eventually living there for the rest of my life. It’s too bad there are ignorant people here, who have no understanding of how life actually is there. The commerce coming out of Brazil is growing faster than you can even think. They are on their way to becoming a major player in the global market.

  • mahree

    can some one help me?
    does any one know if a person can obtain an immagration visa to move to brazil, if they have a criminal record? or does anyone have any good idea of how to find this out?
    I think anywhere in the world, you can run into these problems that bob has so neglectfully NOT looked past. with any good there is bad, but in brazil, where it is good its great!

  • Simpleton

    I see no Brasilians come forth with answers to my questions of 2007-04-08. Nao ten intresse? No one with the knowledge comes here? The answers are already clear? If you say nothing it’s not the same as admitting your guilt?

  • Ric

    Ch.C, years ago in Time Magazine a reader objected to a story quoting an excerpt from a politicianÀ‚´s speech, followed by a comment in parentheses. The reader wrote, Why did you say, “Applesauce?” Time wrote back, “look carefully and you will see that the word is (applause) not (applesauce).” In other words, read it again. That was in the 1920À‚´s.

    The post above entitled To Allen and Bo was not written by me but someone using my name.

    But as a matter of fact, there was a Swiss fighter-bomber, the AFA P-16, designed by a Swiss engineer named Studer, design work and hard tooling were available cheap, and Bill Lear saw a chance to make the basic design into a light jet by designing a passenger fuselage.

    In 1960 Lear set up the Swiss-American Aviation Corporation, in Switzerland, planning to go into production there, as the SAAC-23. But instead they shipped it all to the USA and built the Lear 23 in the states. I think that certifiaction concerns and financing had something to do with it.

    Lear was a guy like Earl (Madman) Muntz, a visionary. He knew most of the Hollywood set and had sold converted warplanes to many stars as exec transport. So he was able to see opportunities, design the product, and market it personally to the fat cats in Hollywood. My dad was a designer at Douglas in those years and later worked with Tommie Lee and others, Pebble Beach car types. Some of us remember.

  • ch.c.

    To Ric !!!!!!!
    You know how I usually take your defense in that Forum.
    NOT THIS TIME !!!!!
    FROM previous posts, notably during the plane tragedy, you mentionned a few times that you are/were a pilot ! Correct ?

    If that is true, let me by now have my doubts !

    EVEN……..GUARANTEED !!!!!!!!

    Sorry Ric, you are full of air !!!!!!!!!!

  • ch.c.

    To Vag !!!!!!
    Based on what you say, it is then probably wrong that year to date there were 1000 crimes…..in RIO ALONE !!!!!
    Probably wrong too the foreigners who have been horribly killed !!!! Correct ?
    Then where are they…if they were not killed ???????
    Why dont you ask them their e-mail adress and their phone nbr !

    Glad that you left the USA…and stay with your peers…..the Brazilians MONKEYS, CATTLES, GOATS AND SWINES !!!!!!

  • ch.c.

    I am not so wrong when I say Brazilians are JUNKIES, CHEATERS, LIARS and that their country is a Tropical MUD, in a state of total ANARCHY !

    Laugh…..laugh…..laugh !!!!!!

  • ch.c.

    Hey hey !!!!!!!
    And what about the idea that the USA apply the same laws for Brazilians, adjusted for the PPP of course !!!!

    Out of the 2 millions Brazilians illegally in the USA, 1,9 million MINIMUM should then be…..EXPELLED !!!!!

    Would that not be FAIR RECIPROCAL laws ???????

    Ohhhhhh sorry, Brazil has not FAIR and/or RECIPROCAL words, neither in their laws nor in their brains, nor in their own society, AND EVEN LESS IN THEIR DICTIONARY.
    Thus they dont understand what others are saying when they are talking of Fairness and Reciprocity !!!!!!

    Afterall is Brazil NOT RANKED, as the country with one of the world WORST WEALTH INEQUALITY ???????

    OF COURSE….IT IS !!!!!!

    I am not sowronf when I say Brazilians are a bunch of JUNKIES, CHEATERS, LIARS

  • bo

    written by Bob, 2007-04-08 18:53:16

    I too married a brazilian 39 years ago. We travel to Brazil every 2 years and stay for 3 months at a time. My wife has an extended family there. I read the newspaper from Recife Daily. So all of you how read my comments and READ the papers in brazil know that this is true. In fact check the head lines today 15 murders in 12 hours on Saturday. My wifes family has been robbed 10 this year alone. They are not a poor family but live in brand new high rise apartment buildings. I did not say anything about the Brazilian people at all I just stated the facts that appear in the newsprint “”from Brazil” daily and also what we here from the inlaws.
    Futher more we have been to Europe 10 times in the last 12 years, Asia 2 times, Mexico, Canada.
    Get a life [/quote]

    Been here close to a decade Bob, and you’re right. And it’s even more difficult for a gringo.

  • bo

    someone has obviously made a post using my username as well as Forrest’s. Nice try.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    all pepole on this site that know me and have read what i have written know i do not use language like that in my post
    so some simple minded person has gotton into the server and is doing his thing just because he has no self pride to wright under his or her own name .

    bo , looks like they got you also i gues ric is next and on down the line .

    o by the way ger your storie strate when talking about others never was a farmer in fortalaza , don ,
    not from that part of texas , came by boat , not by rich wifes money to protect you from your drug dealing fan on your little island

  • Ric

    To Allen and Bo
    Well, I understand what you trying to say Allen although very difficult for you. Bo I would like to buy 40 units off your condominiums in Surgeipy Aerocaju. Reason being I’m having an orgy with all the brazilian chicks and going to need all the condoms I can get. I must say all this wouldn’t be possible if wasnÀ¢€™t for the Swiss made Lear jet. Can you believe some folks here are trying to tell me that Bill Lear was born in Hannibal Missouri???Aviation is my life!!! Crazy mother f**king brazilians!!! Allen when you ready for the spray in Belize let me know, I can use my Swiss Lear jet to keep the staff healthy at the À¢€œplantationÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦If you know what I mean!
    Adios amigos

  • Bo

    To Allen and Ric
    written by, 2007-04-08 17:54:33

    That was beautiful Allen…beautiful… If it wasn’t for my 30,000 pair of sun glasses I would have tear all over the place Allen, and that is the honest true…I am here in my miserable 10,000 S.F. humble home in Serguepi Aeracaju eating some of this horrible brazilian food and looking at my 22 year old brazilian wife’s ass…and thinking hoooohhh how I miss Arkansas. Just remember Allen I will cover your back from these motherf**ker braziliam f**king a*****es f**king ignorant pigs motherf**kers loosers stupid f**king brazilians!!! You watch my back and I watch yours Allen!!! God luck with you “plantation” if you know what I mean… 😉

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    To Bo or not to Bo… to be Ric or to be porr! I am rellly inspirred todeay!
    Heah well so I quit my job as a brain sugeon in joan pessoa Brazil because they stoled by god dam boat that I got as a gift from the Astrofisic department working as a welder in some of those ships, but them again why should I lieve my wife in Bernadine Texas with all those sonsabitches. So I said to myself Allen dam you you better go to Belize to try some of the KFC overthere and that is when I thought to myself …self again …god dam why don’t you go to Fortaleza and become that farmer that you all ways whana be…and get some of that fine meat overthere. Well than I met my soul mate BO in Arecaju Sorgipe and Bo said Allen you are a fine man why those dam brazilians don’t give back your damm boat is beside me…I say let those dam sonsofbitch keep all the drugs you worked so hard to bring to brazil but give you damm boat back. Well decide to lesson to My soulmate BO and said BO…dammit I wanna be just like you I wanna mery a really old and ugly brazilian girl for my green card divorse the bitch and mery again a really fine piece of ass brazilian girl half my age!!! Hot dog!!! Is that a plan or what? Well…So I decide to drive all the way down to Fernad Noronha Island and stop by Belize and this girl said to me Allen go damm you should be said about you wife… So I said Ric why don’t you come up here to Belize and help me up with the “plantation” if you know what I mean… and that is the honest god damm true!!! have a nice day Bo and Ric.

  • Bob

    I too married a brazilian 39 years ago. We travel to Brazil every 2 years and stay for 3 months at a time. My wife has an extended family there. I read the newspaper from Recife Daily. So all of you how read my comments and READ the papers in brazil know that this is true. In fact check the head lines today 15 murders in 12 hours on Saturday. My wifes family has been robbed 10 this year alone. They are not a poor family but live in brand new high rise apartment buildings. I did not say anything about the Brazilian people at all I just stated the facts that appear in the newsprint “”from Brazil” daily and also what we here from the inlaws.
    Futher more we have been to Europe 10 times in the last 12 years, Asia 2 times, Mexico, Canada.
    Get a life

  • Simpleton

    For Real – Sanjaya Yogi
    I know and understand very well for what you have found and the vision of the future that will be. My heart aches and dies a little bit for every day I can not have this too. You are lucky in what your journey has afforded you. I am jealous beyond your ken. Although everything else is the same, the avenue of marriage and possibly a new family is not open to everyone.

  • Ric

    Bob just asked some questions. Nobody that responded to his letter answered the questions. They just talked around them.

  • Sanjaya Yogi

    Living in Brasil
    I am married to a Brasilian, I love my wife, our Brasilian family, a family like no where else in the world, and we support each other in ways that Americans can only dream, read about, and maybe imagine. I have lived here in Brasil for three years, created a business, support my wife and family, and have created a few jobs. Brasil is an amazing country, full of life, contradictions, hard work, and hope. I came with not much more than my experience, a little money, and a desire to help people, and to lead a contented and happy life.

    I teach ashtanga yoga, and help people with their health, and life style choices: to understand that materialism as expressed through the the Àƒ„merican Dream” is NOT the only way to live a happy, integrated life with nature and other people in peace. The kind of judgements as expressed by Bob, are typical of those who are not making choices, or acting in compassion, and are supporting leaders who create conflict, and war to sustain an ultimately unsusstainable American life style, a lifestyle that if inflicted on the rest of the world will lead to environmental devastation, and moral decay.

    A country like Brasil will with hard work, and good choices become the kind of country that other coutries will one day see, as what they might have become,. a country that produces more than it takes. I love Brasil! The United States is a good place to visit, but it is not my number one choice, anymore, even though I was born there.

  • Simpleton

    Only to give rise
    ” so absorbing or training specialized labor”

    I had an opportunity to discussed what is needed / what would be beneficial with a retiree who had served in some high position within the planning and economic development sector of the Brazilian goverment (or so he said). My idea that the government should encourage creating small / relatively low tech businesses out in the not so upscale suburbs to make a difference in the lives of a few families here and there (i.e. other than just putting in another bar, drogaria, soda and grocery storefront) didn’t stimulate much discussion. Based on the caveat above, it appears to be a case of bring me your technology, special knowledge, etc., or take a hike. Bringing these things in is good and desireable of course but do you really want to help the people of Brazil or only those that already have money?

    “the funds can be used in the acquisition of real estate and other goods for the company”

    What about using the funds to rent work space and pay the employees, taxes and what not until there’s a sufficient cash flow from the enterprise?

    “Identify Brazilian resident partner to represent you”

    Would it be a problem to have a trusted friend be one of the partners with little share in quota, decision making, authority over expenditures, etc.? Or does this mean you have to pay and pay and pay for some lawyer to control and nickle and dime the company piggy bank for forever for no value added reason?

  • Vag

    Bob’s a fool
    I’m an American and have lived in Brazil for nearly 7 years. Bob is a fool. He most likely has never been to Brazil and most likely will never wander outside of the safe USA. I feel sorry for people like him that live their lives believing everything they read in the papers and see on TV. Get a life Bob.

  • A proud Brazilian… ever!!!

    Bob you are so stupid I feel sorry for you. Very,very obtuse. Congeniality obtuse.

  • Bob

    Tell me why anyone in their right mind would want to move to Brazil? To get robbed at every street corner? So that if they fly their plane can not take off because of a air controller strikc?
    So that they can drive on some of the worst roads in the world? So that they are prisoners in their on apartment? So that they can not own a regular home because it will get robbed every week?
    So that they can LULU as president? So that they can send their children to some of the worst public schools in the world? So that they can drive around in tanks because thats the only way they can get to anyplace
    safely? So that they can pay the police “”beer money at every traffic stop””? So they can watch the only remaining rain forest burn up before their eyes.
    Yes I couldnt what to move there.

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