Brazilian Flower Exports Jump 10%. Holland and US Are Main Destination

Brazilian flower for export In the first four months this year, Brazil exported US$ 10.15 million in flowers and ornamental plants. The result represents an increase of 9.64% over the figure recorded in the same period of 2006.

The data are from a survey conducted by the agricultural engineer Antônio Hélio Junqueira and by the economist Márcia Peetz, directors at the Hórtica Consultoria e Treinamento, a consultancy and training company based in the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo.

From January until April, imports have also increased, reaching US$ 3.38 million. Nevertheless, the trade balance for Brazilian flower culture remained favorable, with a US$ 6.77 million surplus in the period.

"We observed the continuation of imports of vegetable propagation items, aimed at maintaining or increasing domestic production of flowers and ornamental plants," Antônio Hélio explains. He highlights the fact that products imported for direct consumption made a modest contribution to the result.

The sector of "Seedlings and Plants" maintained its traditional leadership in the analysis of export segments. In the first four months this year, the group answered to 62.86% of sales to foreign countries, totaling US$ 6.38 million.

The main destination countries were Holland (38.29%), the United States (28.21%), Italy (16.63%), Belgium (5.32%), Japan (5.14%), Spain (2.08%), and Germany (1.80%), in addition to eight other countries.

"In this segment, Brazil is shipping products to traditional consumer markets, and it is also consolidating important penetration into new areas, such as the United States, Belgium, Argentina, and especially Portugal," highlights Antônio Hélio.

The main exporter states for "Seedlings and Plants," during the period, were São Paulo (81.56%), Rio Grande do Sul (16.55%), Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro.

The segment of "Flowers and Fresh Buds for Bouquets and Ornamentation" occupied the second position in the export ranking for flower culture products. This segment counts on the participation of the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), which provides technical and managerial training for small farmers.

From January until April 2007, exports of flowers and fresh buds reached US$ 1.85 million, including roses (US$ 224,210) and chrysanthemums (US$ 2,220), among others.

Roses exported from Brazil originated from the states of Ceará (81.20%), São Paulo (14.02%) and Minas Gerais (4.77%). The state of Ceará exported mostly to Holland (74.67%), Portugal (24.19%), besides Spain and Canada.

Roses from the state of São Paulo, on the other hand, were destined to Portugal (70.63%), the United States (14.02%), Chile (7.22%), Holland (6.03%), and Russia (2.10%). The state of Minas Gerais exported solely to Portugal.

The remaining fresh flowers were exported mainly by the states of São Paulo (US$ 1.02 million) and Ceará (US$ 519,940), as well as Minas Gerais, Alagoas, and Pernambuco. The main destinations were: United States, Portugal, Canada, Holland, Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.

The segment of "Buds, Tubercles, Rhizomes and Such" ranked third in the export ranking. Exports from the segment totaled US$ 1.10 million. The figure represents a 64.90% increase over the same period last year. Holland remained as the main destination for the segment, accounting for 90.94% of exports.

Buds were exported from the states of São Paulo (51.75%) and Ceará (48,05%), as well as a small share from Espí­rito Santo. The main destination was Holland. The difference between those states is the second destination: for Ceará, it is the United States, whereas São Paulo answers to Latin American markets, especially Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay.



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