85% of Brazilians Want Their Senate Chief Ousted from Congress

Senator Renan Calheiros An opinion poll carried out by Ipsos for Brazil's daily newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo shows that the Brazilian population is fed up with corruption among politicians. 91% believe that the president of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, should be condemned by his peers in Congress.

Calheiros has been involved in several cases of corruption and, in the middle of a bitter fight to keep his post, announced Thursday, October 13, that he is getting a 45-day leave of absence.

The Ipsos survey shows that 85% of the Brazilian people not only want Calheiros ousted from the Senate presidency but also stripped from his senate seat. A mere 5% of the population say that he should continue being a senator.

Most Brazilian senators seem to believe that Calheiros won't be able to resume the Senate's presidency once his leave ends. For senator Tasso Jereissati from the opposition party PSDB, "he is in no condition to come back, he must resign."

Senator Aloizio Mercadante, from the ruling party PT (Workers Party) released a note saying that  Calheiros "lacks the conditions of once again presiding the Senate, and the future of his term of office depends on the consistency of the charges against him and his ability to defend himself."

For Mercadante, "this leave of absence does not solve the Senate's serious crisis and does not change the process of judging the  charges dealing with parliamentary decorum that have been brought against him in the Ethics Committee, although it prevents the direct interference by senator Renan Calheiros, as the Senate's president, as it was happening up to now."

Tião Viana, a senator from the Workers Party, will be the president of the senate while Calheiros is away.

Calheiros, a senator from the northeastern state of Alagoas went on Brazilian national television to announce his leave of absence. He protested innocence and denied charges that he took bribes from a construction company bidding on government contracts.

He used the argument that he is completely innocent and that he was leaving Congress for a short while just to prove that he doesn't need his post in order to mount his defense.

In a secret session last month the full senate voted to keep Calheiros as senate president. The senator, however is still facing allegations, in three separate cases in the Senate's ethics committee, that he committed  fraud and embezzlement.

Calheiros is just the latest ally of Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to be ousted or to step down due to a scandal. The senator belongs to the PMDB (Party of Democratic Brazilian Movement), Brazil's largest party,  which is part of the government's coalition.


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  • Ric

    So, You Admit to the Possibility
    That you may be an idiot. You are making progress. The scar on your forehead is healing nicely. Brazzil is good therapy. Keep ranting and raving. Confira!!

  • fernando

    culture is shit! chc
    I may be a idiot but you mate must have a mental disease coming here.AS i said before why do you waste you time coming here and keeping saying what we already know! Right! its part of you shit culture! I forgot about it… 😉
    Dont fool your self you know what i mean! when i said shit culture!

  • forrest Brown

    they never do
    nor will they ever learn .
    or care
    to the rich the people and the goverment of brasil they are like they say in the bible
    they have dominion
    over the anamials
    and that is the way they are treated and will be till the end of time
    or brasilians have a revloution

  • ch.c.

    To Bo !!!
    Well said, well written, well explained !
    It is never ever Brazil or a Brazilian that is responsbible for their own problems.

    Did you not know…it will even be shortly voted in the Senate….so that such law will be in the Brazilian Constitution ????
    Brazilians already sues foreigners or foreign governments but never their own government or compatriots !!!!
    And their world reknown INjustice dept….always agree that foreigners are responsbile, but never when it is a Brazilian
    politician or government member.

    When was the last time a brazilian politician went to jail…..for corruption or using slaves in their own farms ??????
    By answering this question, you will find out THEY HAVE NO REASON to reduce corruption or using slaves, BUT THE BEST reason to increase their corruption practices !

  • ch.c.

    To Fernando !!!!
    Feel free to have your opinion….but please leave my opinion as free as yours !
    Wether you olike it or not. Are you not YET a free speech country ?
    And what do you mean by “but the culture is s**t!” by talking of the countries you went ?
    Did you get a better education in Brazil that education provided in more developed countries ?
    That is what culture is or not ?
    Quite a prime news !!!!!! Laugh….laugh…laugh ! Or are you talking about (agri)culture.. ???? We all know that that in Australia 100 % of their sugarcane is mechanically harversted and it is less than 40 %….in Brazil.
    Is that this the culture you transmit to your agricultural workers ?
    Great…isnt it ?

    And sorry Idiot Fernando……this site is for everyone….wether you lit or not.
    Otherwise why is it even written in english and not in Portuguese ?

    And sorry once more….idiot, but I am a forum member of this site for many years, while you are quite new !

    Thus if you dont like it….feel free to leave it…and watch as you do your TV soap operas 24/7/365 !
    That is the only culture where ALL Brazilians truly shine !!!!!
    That is the only culture where Brazilians producers use the latest technology !!!!

    😀 😉

  • bo

    While I was on vacation…
    there was news here about the 2nd young brazilian that died while in ICE custody in a short time period. The family of the first guy, Araujo, was claiming it was because police refused him his medication. Were the articles placed here about the REAL cause of death of these two brazilians in the U.S. illegally?

    I bet not! Why? Because they BOTH died of drug overdoses and were BOTH wanted on warrants for drug possession and the intent to distribute. Both had drugs on them at the time of arrest and both of them swallowed the drugs.

    My question is, has anyone apologized to the american authorities? Here’s a statement on the subject I found interesting, since there has been NO mention of the REAL cause of death in any brazilian publications, the brazilian press….nor on this site!

    [quote]His family accused law enforcement officers of killing him by refusing him medication. The American Civil Liberties Union get involved. The government of Brazil demanded action. Now the truth about the death of Brazilian illegal undocumented immigrant Edimar Alves De Araujo of Milford comes out.

    An autopsy shows that De Araujo died of acute intoxication caused by a lethal combination of the prescription sedative hydroxyzine and cocaine as well as his seizure disorder. De Araujo was the first of two undocumented Brazilian to die in the custody of law enforcement this summer, and both deaths were related to cocaine use.

    Will anyone apologize to Woonsocket, Rhode Island police or Immigration & Customs Enforcement officials for them for his death? Don’t bet on it.

    “At the end of the day, a person died because they were an undocumented immigrant,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition.

    That is to say, De Araujo is not responsible for his death, the government is. He did not worsen his health problems with this lethal cocktail of legal and illegal drugs. He would still be alive today, chopping up rails, munching pills, having seizures, and ignoring his five year-old deportation order if he hadn’t been taken into custody for for driving the wrong way up a one way street without a drivers license. If only Massachusetts would give drivers licenses to coked up epileptic illegal immigrants on sedatives, perhaps this tragedy could have been averted…

    And that’s how you can expect the news media to spin this story, too, full of the pathos of the grieving family lashing out at everyone but De Araujo himself.

    Now here’s an interesting little tidbit: De Araujo was ordered deported in 2002 but lo and behold he ignored the deportation order. We are learning now that in 2003, De Araujo was arrested in Milford for driving without a license and possession of weed. Did Milford authorities turn him over to the feds for deportation? Evidently not. He paid them a legal bribe a fine, they dropped the charges, and they let him go. Milford got what it wanted out of him and that was enough.

    Author: “Scott Allen Miller”[/quote]

  • bo

    [quote]85% of Brazilians Want Their Senate Chief Ousted from Congress[/quote]

    Since when did the desires or needs of the people have any effect on policy in this country?

  • fernando

    to chc
    hey mate. Are you brazilan? if you are not. whats you problem with brasil? i lived in new zealand, australia and us , i know that the things works better in these countrys, but the cuture is shit! So for me living in brasil with 2000 bucks per month is much better than 150.000 a year in any where in the world. This site is here for help,ok? so what do you thing that us BRASILIANS should do about it. if you dont have any thing yto say…. PISS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  • ch.c.

    and 90 % of Brazilians…..
    Are you not one of the worst country….IN THE WORLD ……on this ranking ?
    Yesssss….you are….and guess what those you elected do.
    They Just Care For Themselves.

    Have they not already voted NOT to expel Calheiros ?
    Yesssss….they did !!!!!

    Viva Bin Lula and his 4000 thieves.

  • aes

    In the U.S. it is the shame, of having been publicly villified that is the downfall. The constant media airing of the event. Like wolves on the scent of blood, the press hounds the betrayer of trust till he is evicerated on the rack of public opinion. Here there is no shame. The memory is short, the judicial system dentally challenged. Todays headlines is nothing more then a prelude to tomorrows. The Brazilian suffers from an attention deficit disorder. It is symptomatic of an emotional adolescence. Nobody will take responsibility to do what is right. They will talk about what is right, but they mistake talking for doing. If the public would only speak. And if some party would adopt a law and order platform, a platform of reformation, a party of the people, by the people and for the people, Brazil could be a nation among nations instead of what it is. . .a kind of parody of itself. It is a pity that the people of Brazil do not care enough to vote the carpet baggers out of office. It is the tick of corruption, the blood sucking parasite of public indiference that infects the body of Brazil and poisons its very blood.

  • forrest Brown

    there all the same
    the US has the same thing with theres

    so what to do .


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