Brazil Is Both a Rice Importer and Exporter

Rice cultivated in Brazil Brazil produces 12 million tons of rice per year. Whereas national production currently averages at approximately 2,800 kilograms per hectare, farmers in Rio Grande do Sul manage to reap 7,000 kilograms per hectare. The state's export effort arose precisely from the productivity increase.

Since 2003, Rio Grande do Sul carries out a program to improve productivity. At the time, production totaled 5,500 kilograms per hectare. The aim is to reach 10,000 kilograms per hectare. In order to sell the production, the state implemented an export program as well, says the commercial director of the Rice Institute of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Irga), Rubens Silveira.

He claims, however, that a large portion of rice production concentrates in Asia: 94% of all the rice in the world is produced in the continent, and 93% is consumed there as well. Brazil produces approximately 12 million tons of rice and consumes 13 million tons.

Given the fact that the country imports the commodity, though, especially from its neighbors Argentina and Uruguay, there is space to export. Rio Grande do Sul exported, last year, 313,000 tons of rice. In 2004, the volume stood at 53,000 tons.

Brazil has significantly increased its exports of rice to the Arab countries between January and May this year. Sales went from US$ 8,300 in the first five months last year to US$ 694,900 in the same period this year.

A large portion of the revenues obtained went to the southernmost Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, which answered to more than half – or US$ 390.4 million – of total foreign sales. The other Brazilian state that exported the commodity to the League of Arab States was Santa Catarina, also in the South of Brazil.

Brazilian farmers and industries shipped 1.1 tons of rice to the Arab world during the period. From January to May 2007, sales reached only 19.9 tons. Four Arab countries bought rice from Brazil until May this year. Syria and Jordan were the leading buyers of Brazilian rice in the region, with 375 tons purchased each. Next came Lebanon, with 250 tons, and then Algeria, with imports of 150 tons.

According to Rubens Silveira, the Middle East is currently the world's second largest importer of rice, losing only to the African continent.

The region imports, per year, 6.1 million tons. Rio Grande do Sul, according to him, has been putting on an effort to export more rice to the region. Between January and May this year, the state exported US$ 58.7 million in rice. Despite being on the rise, sales to the Arabs are still low, according to Silveira.

"However, the market has potential and we are interested in exporting more to them," says Silveira. In the beginning of this year, the state organized a trade mission to the United Arab Emirates, comprised of government officials, representatives of the agricultural, industrial and services sectors, and one of the issues approached was rice sales.

Rio Grande do Sul is responsible for 60% of the Brazilian rice crop. In terms of irrigated rice, which has greater quality, the state's share goes up to 85%. Silveira explains that up until last year, what Brazil exported was dry cropping rice, of lower quality, to Africa.



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  • boonchuay sroychampee

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  • Hallton

    Rice offer
    Dear Sirs,

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  • João da Silva

    John Miller
    [quote]What types of rice does Brasil produce? [/quote]

    As far as I know, Brazil (at least in SC and RS) produces long grain white rice and it is called TÀƒ­po A. As you said correctly it tastes good. Of course there is also the parboiled rice, that many like to eat.

    However, if I recall correctly, there are about 147 varieties of rice grown on this planet. I know a bit about the Indian and Thai rice you are talking about and also the “wild rice”. You can find Thai Jasmin rice and wild rice in the local grocery stores under the brand name of “Tio JÀƒµao”. Some months ago we bought Indian Basmati rice packed in Italy and exported to Brazil. I was surprised to see that that rice was of short grain and not like the ones you find in Indian grocery stores in U.S, Canada and U.K. This Italian brand does not have the aroma of the original Basmati rice.

    I was also pleased to come across a rice similar to Basmati in Montevideo in Uruguay. They call it “Urumati”!. It tastes very good too and I wonder why Uruguay is not making efforts to export to the Southern states of Brazil.

    I think that Brazil has climatic conditions to grow many varieties of Rice as well as other grains that are export oriented. Unfortunately, there are not enough efforts to conduct International Market studies to find out the food habits of other countries and grow items that are much in demand. For example, Ch.c has been screaming and yelling about “Pata Preta” (Spanish Ham) and giving free consultation. Does any one listen to him?

  • John Miller

    Types of Rice?
    What types of rice does Brasil produce?

    I am curious to know as I only see one type of rice produced in Brasil and it is very good but quite different to the rice produced in India or Thailand both in terms of the grain size, texture and taste.

    Does this type of rice produced in Brasil yield less or more than the rice produced in various parts of Asia?

  • ch.c.

    Rio Grande do Sul is responsible for 60% of the Brazilian rice crop. In terms of irrigated rice, which has greater quality, the state’s share goes up to 85%.
    If Rio Grande do Sul produce 60 % of all Brazil rice crop, and knowing that their average is 7000 kgs per hectare, then the national average CANNOT BE 2800 KGS !!!!!
    Because that would mean the per hectare production in the others states would be around 1000.- kgs….OR LESS !!!!!!!

    Were the stats done by a Brazilian free software….that Lula is so proud of ?????????

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