Brazil & Neighbors Are Beefing Up Their Armed Forces. No Arms Race, They Say

FAB, Brazilian Air Force Brazil, its Latin American neighbors and US officials may deny it, but there is an arms race going on right now in South America. As the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) points out, "large increases in military expenditure have been taking place in several countries of the region."

According to SIPRI, South America since 2000 has increased military expenditure 33% in real terms and in 2007 military outlays reached US$ 40 billion.

In the last five years Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile are the countries which most have increased military expenditure in real terms: 78%, 53% and 49% respectively. In Central America, Honduras leads with a 20% increase in the last five years followed by Mexico's 15%. .

In 2007 the Brazilian government promised a 50% hike in the Armed forces budget and is planning to purchase conventional submarines and developing nuclear submersibles. However in the same five year period, Brazil was ranked 12 in military expenditure. Top of the list is Colombia with 4% of GDP, Chile, 3.6% and Ecuador, 2.3%.

Said this, it is also true that many countries in the region had drastically cut their military budgets and salaries of soldiers are still lagging considerably behind the rest of society. Furthermore Colombia's increase can be attributed to the ongoing armed insurgency challenge, according to SIPRI.

The Stockholm think tank underscores that South America is not among the world regions which most spend in their armed forces, but Venezuela has caused alarm since it has purchased over US$ 4 billion in Russian armament.

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, who on taking office in 1999 said the country could no longer continue spending on aircrafts and tanks, earlier this month justified his long shopping list saying that Venezuela needs the arms to "defend the Bolivarian revolution" from the "United States empire of evil."

Stephen Johnson head of Hemispheric Affairs in the US Defense Department is quoted by The Miami Herald saying that "defense equipment deteriorates, become obsolete and it is clear there's an attempt to modernize the region's armed forces."

However in the case of Venezuela "there's a clear intent to project power or intimidate, the kind of gesture that can trigger in others a feeling of danger and make them spend more on arms".

This week Peru and Ecuador revealed they were spending in refurbishing and purchasing new equipment. Peru has plans to invest US$ 106 million in upgrading its MIG-29 with the purpose of "recovering the operational capability of our Armed Forces," said Defense minister Antero Flores Araoz.

Peru has a wing of 19 MIG 29 purchased from Russia and Byelorussia in the early nineties and signed an agreement with Russia for the refurbishing. However most of the work, upkeep and training "will be done in Peru by Peruvians as part of a long term plan stretching to 2011 and involving US$ 654 million."

Ecuador, which recently had border skirmishes with neighboring Colombia and was accused of allowing sanctuaries for Colombian guerrillas, announced the purchase of 24 Brazilian made Super Tucano fighters, fast boats and radars for border surveillance. The plan also includes refurbishing its wing of Israel manufactured Kfir fighter bombers.

"All our aircraft have years of service, we need to renew them and the government is committed to a significant investment in the Armed forces. This by no means is a mad arms race or nothing like it," pointed out Defence minister Miguel Carvajal.

Last March following an incursion of Colombian troops into Ecuadorian territory, Quito broke diplomatic relations with Bogota and announced the beefing up of its air power with the purchase of the 24 Brazilian Super Tucanos and six UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) plus the refurbishing of the Israeli version of the French Dassault Mirage fighter bombers.



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  • dnbaiacu

    [quote]I CAN READ, UNDERSTAND AND ANALYZE NUMBERS. Even find them when necessary. Numbers and stats talks better than lies in my view.
    Looks like you cant do one of those.
    I am not a Ch.c hater”… Don’t know where you are going with this. But I am up for a challenge.
    Explain which of the READ , UNDERSTAND or ANALIZATION OF NUMBERS , I can’t do..

    I will be waiting

  • dnbaiacu

    [quote]The allegorical texts you just graciously provided were just absolutely stunning and diverting À¢€“ I loved it! The allegorical passages, along their À¢€œfascinatingÀ¢€Â interpretations were interesting and entertaining, particularly the immense level of discretion permitted to the interpreters of often exceedingly vague prose. It is indeed very amusing to witness the power of some well written, beautifully illustrated, but blurred depictions of visions and events have over men of certain ideals. I find it particularly intriguing the by which some wise men methodically combine À¢€œvisionsÀ¢€Â or predictions of a large variety of earlier civilizations, against what the À¢€œnarrator interpreting them calls À¢€œcurrent eventsÀ¢€Â (naturally it depends upon the date when any given À¢€œvisionÀ¢€Â has been established to have À¢€œbeen provenÀ¢€Â) [/quote]
    This is exactly what makes the “popular book” so unique.. It transcends time. And some of the prophecies have twofold fullfillments. It’s a book for study and discovery FOREVER. The era and the culture you love to emulate so much respected the popular book as a work of art among other things. And some knew it to be so powerful a “liberating” influence on people that it was the order of the day to have the “book” confiscated and burned by the very clergy and ruling class that claimed to follow it. I find it very interesting that you disdain the book or at least some of its contents so much.
    Do you realize that it actually NEVER contradicts science.? Did you know that it already stated the earth was round BEFORE your beloved Columbus or Magellan discovered it to be so?

    [quote] Isa. 40:22: À¢€œThere is One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth.À¢€Â In ancient times the general opinion was that the earth was flat. It was not until over 200 years after this Bible text had been written that a school of Greek philosophers reasoned that the earth likely was spherical, and in about another 300 years a Greek astronomer calculated the approximate radius of the earth. But the idea of a spherical earth was not the general view even then. Only in the 20th century has it been possible for humans to travel by airplane, and later into outer space and even to the moon, thus giving them a clear view of À¢€œthe circleÀ¢€Â of earthÀ¢€™s horizon.[/quote]

    Obviously there was some “pychic” activity going on with this particular writer.
    Again ,,not trying to convince you in particular. But just to show many doubters that INTELLIGENT DESIGN can stand up to EVOLUTION and cosmic soup theories any day. And it is so much simpler to believe. And then make any sense of all that is going on in the history of man.
    In Hollywood they re-create the “popular book ” myth (as you would call it) all the time.. Why do we as humans have such an affinity with a fable? We should be much more “intelligent” than that overall. Wouldn’t you think? 😉
    People can stop getting headaches over the “race” issue if they realize that it is a HUMAN issue based on fear and mans imperfect tendency to want to dominate one thing or another.
    [quote]9À‚ All this I have seen, and there was an applying of my heart to every work that has been done under the sun, [during] the time that man has dominated man to his injury.[/quote]Ecclesiastes 8:9
    [quote]To the woman he said: À¢€œI shall greatly increase the pain of your pregnancy; in birth pangs you will bring forth children, and your craving will be for your husband, and he will dominate you.[/quote]Genesis 3:16
    The “spiritually” retarded, inept, emerging ( at best) man .. Is WEAK! Plain and simple. So until this is corrected the Evil ET’s will always exploit mans tendency to divide and therefore experience the “conquering” of themselves.

  • dnbaiacu

    Ch.c is…..
    a statistic genius! 🙂

  • dnbaiacu

    Hello 🙂 I n my world.. to survive socially I have to flip flop between proper English and street English. As I am “relaxing” while blogging , I don’t even “think” about trying to be grammatically correct..If anything I need to start “proofreading” my comments for type o’s 🙂 . But I am usually working as I blog and have to get the thoughts out while I’m in a flo.
    But thanks anyway for the correction. 😉 Don’t you think our friend Augustus gives us enough of the “kings English”? Good grief!!! It takes me extra seconds to digest it all while reading. But that’s what makes it fun.
    😀 😀

  • dnbaiacu

    It is all what you choose to believe..This is what makes it so great.! 🙂 🙂
    Don’t you think you “complicate” things a bit? Truth is relatively simple.. SOMEONE, SOME BELIEF is right.
    No one is trying to convince you or anyone else of anything. The ‘popular book” was written for a certain audience.. It’s okkkkkkk. Just some don’t know they are part of that audience yet. Does “chosen” and “sheep” sound familiar.
    Maybe some are buying what you put out there. They are not to be judged. It’s a mind thing.
    I will see you on the next interesting blog 🙂
    Russia is targeting Poland now.. You still haven’t went there. Get back to some real history .That is your forte’

  • dnbaiacu

    Good to hear from you 🙂 Yeah,, we can expect to see more of Wednesdays’ events as time goes on. “The writing is on the wall” 😉 😉
    I know my above comment was a bit redundant in my stance. And possibly irritating to some. And falling on deaf ears or blind eyes to many more. But even THAT was foretold
    [quote]À¢€œConcerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father. 37À‚ For just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be. 38À‚ For as they were in those days before the flood, eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark; 39À‚ and they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away, so the presence of the Son of man will be. [/quote]
    But I have my popcorn out and I am watching the show.
    There’s been a few allusions to the “maturity” of yourself and a few other posters. Maybe you guys will “check out” before the grand finale. But don’t be so sure. Better to get the dust off that old “popular book” if you haven’t burned it yet and ask an ET or a UFO to guide you to the Oracle 🙂
    Russias on a roll aren’t they.. Getting pretty fiesty don’t you think? And isn’t China dominating the Olympics.? Of course not that that means anything.
    Although I did find it just so coincidental that the Patriots of all teams won the Superbowl the football season of 911

  • dnbaiacu


    20 The rivalry between the king of the north and the king of the southÀ¢€”whether by military, economic, or other meansÀ¢€”is nearing its end. Revealing the details of a conflict yet to come, God’s angel said: À¢€œThere will be reports that will disturb him [the king of the north], out of the sunrising and out of the north, and he will certainly go forth in a great rage in order to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. And he will plant his palatial tents between the grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; and he will have to come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him.À¢€ÂÀ¢€”Daniel 11:44, 45.

    21 With the disbanding of the Soviet Union in December 1991, the king of the north suffered a serious setback. Who will be this king when Daniel 11:44, 45 is fulfilled? Will he be identified with one of the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union? Or will he change identity completely, as he has done a number of times before? Will the development of nuclear weapons by additional nations result in a new arms race and have a bearing on the identity of that king? Only time will provide answers to these questions. We are wise not to speculate. When the king of the north embarks on his final campaign,À‚ the fulfillment of prophecy will be clearly discerned by all who have Bible-based insight.[/quote]

    Russia or China? …… Anyone have a guess?
    Stay tuned 😉

  • dnbaiacu

    Impressed I am.. You are on point.
    The bottom line ,in reference to this article, is that the countries in SA respectively know what is going on. If nothing else this arms race is profitable. Really this is mostly what it is all about.. Generating profits. The new global war is the “War on Terrorism”. SA is officially in the game now (May 23rd) Venezuela is the extreme Leftists strategic presence on the continent.

  • jerrydill

    SA increase in funds
    As the funds increase in south American armorment it is now becoming scarier especially as Venezuela increases their forces. Sounds like an escalation of armed forces that occurred during the cold war. As more arms are distributed and more produced their become greater concerns of iminent attack. It is a very scary thought.


    Whatever happened to JOAO?
    i’m concerned with your sudden disappearance
    Also, I have recently read (elsewhere) a few nice words in my defense when addressing the swiss blogger
    Thank you – Hope you are well

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I trust (and hope) this was the sole intent of your amusing observationÀ¢€¦ [/quote]

    It was indeed an amusing observation!

    [quote]Unfortunately, my preference for the original version of the English language is expressed solely in writing (and certainly not while composing business related e-mails).[/quote]

    Likewise with me too, Augustus! Though I change my spell checker depending on the nationalities of the e-mail recipients. Diplomacy to boot 😉

  • João da Silva

    One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post regarding the Beijing Airport is the thousands of skylights to use the sun light to illuminate and cut down the energy cost. I am a big admirer of this kind of architecture.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]joao could read every word of last post , you get pic of air port in china i set you

    I knew you could. As you know, I like to pull your leg once in a while!

    Thank you so much for sending the e-mail which I got to open only today (after seeing the post). The architecture,facts and figures re the new Airport were quite impressive. The architect is Lord Forester, who is obviously a Brit.
    As for your question in the e-mail, my answer is a loud NO!
    I am sure you have been to Singapore before. We enjoyed our visit there years ago. Take care while in Burma! Hope they have Internet there 😀


    from China to Burma???? How…delightful !!!
    Did you decide to make a tour of Totalitarian Nations or are you perhaps conducting a study on Oppression?
    Aternatively, your travels appear to be rather eccentric… LOL
    Have a save trip!

  • forrest allen brown

    Rudy Paiva
    will do so when brazil learns to speak
    proper portguese instead of brazlaira !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the way all get my point .

    joao could read every word of last post , you get pic of air port in china i set you

    will be leaving china very soon boat on way to singapor 3 more day it will be there .
    spend some time in burma , then run the straits looking for pirates


    Brief comment for JOAO and… “the that other person”
    JOAO, in connection with the portion of your entry intended for dnbaiacu (referring to me) where you referred to the use of the “QueenÀ¢€™s English” versus the À¢€œKingÀ¢€™s English”À¢€¦

    Despite my appalling age, in light of your remark I suppose I should reiterate that Her Majesty Elizabeth II had already been crowned (by many years) when I was born!
    I trust (and hope) this was the sole intent of your amusing observationÀ¢€¦
    Unfortunately, my preference for the original version of the English language is expressed solely in writing (and certainly not while composing business related e-mails). As for the À¢€œoral expressionÀ¢€Â of the same, I dare say that life in the United States, along the inherent natural restrictions by my À¢€œforeignerÀ¢€Â status (having Portuguese as the native tongue) would never permit any such futile an endeavorÀ¢€¦
    Furthermore, I do use the À¢€œofficial American spellingÀ¢€Â (e.g. À¢€œendeavorÀ¢€Â versus À¢€œendeavourÀ¢€Â)

    Regarding the surprising remark made by “that other person”, please note that I have no ability, interest or any disposition for manipulation of statistical data, unless in rather generic, limited fashion and only if absolutely necessary. I suppose this À¢€œother personÀ¢€Â considers any views and opinions lacking unappealing numerical detail will represent À¢€œempty argumentsÀ¢€Â. The bottom line is that I have never claimed to be accomplished in such mattersÀ¢€¦ I will leave these considerations for the wise statisticians who fall under his À¢€œcategoryÀ¢€Â. Pity so much talent tend to be misuse for propagation of so much hate & insult to/for BrazilÀ¢€¦


    dnbaiacu – our endless (irreconcilable) debate
    dnbaiacu À¢€“ I would like to enter just one additional remark on this endless (irreconcilable) debate …
    Rather appropriately you have made a refreshing reference to fables
    Your words:
    “Why do we as humans have such an affinity with a fable? We should be much more À¢€˜intelligentÀ¢€™ than that overall.À¢€Â

    Well, À¢€œfableÀ¢€Â is precisely what I consider your beloved book to contain À¢€“ a colorful amalgamation of fables and allegories fitting for those who lived in simpler, naÀƒ¯ve eras, before reason (in the 18th century) and science (mostly in the 19th) were introduced for intellectual debate and reflection at the highest circles in England, France & Prussia.

    It would be distressing and disagreeable if I were to appear insensitive to you (as well as other occasional readers); yet, your unrelenting persistence to provide me with quotes and thoughts of questionable sources compel me to make perfectly clear to you that I consider unreasonable miracles, vague warnings of future events, along with divine instructions for salvation to represent nothing more than dated Myth designed to provide some understanding for primitive societies.

    Before scientific knowledge gradually unveiled the true essence of a Universe composed of atomic particles, galaxies, electro-magnetic forces, and chemical compounds, mankind required mythology to grasp any understanding of an extremely confusing worlds; which clearly (for me) this is no longer the case. As such, without any intent for disrespect, I must frankly and clearly disclose that I equate any type of religious belief (including the various degrading forms of worship of absurd divinities) with acts of À¢€œutter innocenceÀ¢€Â at best!

    In À¢€œmy bookÀ¢€Â, in the very SAME light which most people would currently contemplate Greco-Roman Mythology (such as, for example, Zeus kidnapping & seduction of Europa by the clever use of a gentle bull) I equally view the so-called À¢€œImmaculate conceptionÀ¢€Â and the so-called À¢€œparting of the Red SeaÀ¢€Â by Moses). It completely astounds me (in ways I could not describe) that educated western individuals in the 21st Century actually believe in such absurd allegories!

    Yet, I reaffirm my trust in your good intentions and excellent character. Likewise I beg you to desist in any futile efforts in persuading those who would never see any wisdom in preposterous fables.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I will be waiting[/quote]

    So are we. 😀

  • ch.c

    To DNBAIACU, Joao !
    – I CAN READ, UNDERSTAND AND ANALYZE NUMBERS. Even find them when necessary. Numbers and stats talks better than lies in my view.
    Looks like you cant do one of those.

    Joao “to the rich prose and flowery language of our cuming “Lord Augustus”.
    somewhat true but what about his empty arguments, stats and factual numbers ?
    Never seen one, so far.
    Agreing or disagreing is fine, it is just a question of opinions and visions.
    But are actual/ historical numbers and stats, comparisons, rankings just a vision in Brazil when they are not manipulated and a reality when manipulated and misinterpreted on purpose ?
    😀 😉 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]But thanks anyway for the correction. smilies/wink.gif Don’t you think our friend Augustus gives us enough of the “kings English”? Good grief!!! It takes me extra seconds to digest it all while reading. But that’s what makes it fun.[/quote]

    No need to thank me, my lad. I was merely worried that Lord Augustus might venture(before me) to give you a dressing for not expressing your thoughts in “QueenÀ‚´s English”. Also I urge you not to consider him too OLD to have been brought up speaking “KingÀ‚´s English”. He may take it as an umbrage. 😀

    After associating with this distinguished Royal blogger, I have made it a point to review my comments before posting them, lest I might be branded as a “commoner” 😉

  • Rudy Paiva

    Litle Cuba Chavez
    Hey Forrest Allen Brown,
    You need some schooling yourself, right here in the USA. Learn how spell!

  • ch.c

    “In 2007 the Brazilian government promised a 50% hike in the Armed forces budget ” DEAD WRONG…of course & as usual !
    the 50 % increase is for NEW EQUIPMENT…not for a 50 % increase of your Armned forces budget…as stated !
    Because in your Defense Budget, around 50 % already go to…PENSIONS ! Funny…but so it is.
    And around 30 % goes for ADMINISTRATION of that Defense Budget.
    the other 20 % being for soldiers foods, salaries PLUS the apparent maintenance of your decaying and rusted existing arms.

    Please read and re-read carefully :
    “Payments for personnel and pensions absorb most of the Defense budget, limiting the amount of investments in maintenance and new equipment.[11] Between 2001 and 2007 just R$11.1 billion, roughly US$6.1 billion, were invested in the military. [11] For 2008, USD $5.6 billion (of a total Defense budget of USD $24.4 billion[1]) are expected to be invested in new equipments. [12]

    Only 267 or 37% of the Air Force’s aircraft are operational, lack of maintenance and spare parts have grounded 452 aircraft.[13] Compounding this problem is the fact that 60% of the aircraft are 20 years old or older. [11]

    The Navy is also facing difficulties. Not only the Navy has only 21 combat surface ships to patrol more than 7,000 km of coastline but also only 10 of those ships are operational.[11][14] Additionally, most operational ships are plagued with operating restrictions.[15] Of the Navy’s 5 submarines, only one is fully operational, two others operate with restrictions and 27 or 46% of the Navy’s 58 helicopters are inoperable.[11][16][17]

    The Army is also facing challenges, 78% of all Army vehicles are 34 years or older and some trucks date from World War II.[11][18] General Enzo Martins Peri added the fact that most of the Army’s artillery guns are also from World War II.[11][19] Of the Army’s 1,437 armored vehicles over 40% are not combat ready and 40% or 2,670 of the Army’s vehicles are not operational.[11] Lastly, the amount of ammunition stock is only 15% of what is recommended.[11]”

    With US$ 5 billion in new equipemnt…to be delivered OVER SEVERAL YEARS AND NOT ONLY ONE… will replace just a tiny fraction of what is ACTUALLY …RUSTED AND IN-OPERABLE !!!!
    Lets face it, most of your actual (Defense ?) equipment is jut good for…. steel production !!!!!

    😀 😉 😀 😉

    As to the details of your 2008 Defense budget, dont be so proud of how money is allocated as stated above and here :

    😀 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]You exceed yourself with gracious compliments…
    LOL (almost embarrassed)[/quote]

    No need to be embarrassed for your richly deserved compliments. Unfortunately we deserve such eulogies and if we cant pat each others back, who else is going to do for us? 😀


    You exceed yourself with gracious compliments…
    LOL (almost embarrassed)

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Russia is targeting Poland now.. You still haven’t went there. [/quote]

    A correction, you young fool, though I didn’t want to interfere in the discussions between “Lord Augustus” and your EXCELLENT self (I must confess that you are excellent in your arguments and every single blogger of reasonable repute will readily concur with my humble statement).

    I totally forgot why I started writing this comment .Now I remember. It is NOT “You still haven’t went there”, but “You still haven’t GONE there”.

    I implore you to pay a little more attention to the rich prose and flowery language of our cunning “Lord Augustus”.

    btw, I am getting too carried away by the “Brasilian Shakespeare” 😉


    Reflecting and Reacting to dnbaiacu colorful alegories – PART-2 (Epilogue)
    – Now, would you kindly read the next examples À¢€“ an alleged act of some À¢€œalienÀ¢€Â interference is connected to the very same source, good old Nostradamus? And guess what else? Your precious À¢€œsource of inspirationÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦

    BUTTE, MONTANA, April 17– It started as a few scattered reports of roaming cows. But, soon local ranchers found they had more than a few broken fences to mend. In a desolate part of the U.S. often referred to as “big sky country” the night is typically disturbed only by a coyote’s call or an alien cattle mutilationÀ¢€¦ (LOL) (note À¢€“ some of the following quotes appear to be the À¢€œoralÀ¢€Â interpretation of a badly spoken English of the Israeli narratorÀ¢€¦)

    HAIFA, ISRAEL April 19– Professor Hymie “Ish” Ruebenonrye of Haifa University Studies of the Unknown has a theory. “Vee vreed it in old texts, eets not in dee Bible, but der vas an olt story I heerd years ago, about de cows goink home.” He points to a microfilm of an ancient document found among the Dead Sea scrolls. “Eets all een derr!” he emphasizes by pounding his pointed finger on his desk. “Eet sez eet right heyer,” he reads, “an der cowz’ll come home ven der time ees right. Oye.” The time seems to be right now. Many are watching for other signs as well, but other ancient manuscripts seem devoid of any mention of restless or weary homesick cows. “Der jeest isn’t very much wreeten about eet. But I tell you, you must be vatching your ass.” Many believe it is spoken of in this cryptic, hard to decipher quatrain of Nostradamus: “When the second of two bushes is in the white house, a dick with chains starts world war three, signs and smoke and wonders, mooing cattle returning home.”

    There were several associations and description being ascribed to aliens and bible predictionsÀ¢€¦ Now, do you actually believe that, JUST because they represent attempts to provide foundations to my strong beliefs in the existence of alien life forms across the universe, I would consider then valid or likely to have foundation?
    Of course notÀ¢€¦ Simply because they represent an ABSURIDITY, which I could not in a 13.7 billion years, begin to consider the possibility of contemplatingÀ¢€¦ (not even as remotely feasibleÀ¢€¦

    As such, in the unlikely event I may have succeed in my valiant effort to make you understand how I truly À¢€œseeÀ¢€Â and unquestioningly À¢€œclassifyÀ¢€Â these type of issues, along with my unwavering conviction that any such hypothetical Mythological or Supernatural material is viewed in the same light, and classified along the same criterion.


    Reflecting and Reacting to dnbaiacu colorful alegories – PART-1
    Esteemed dnbaiacu,
    Itˢ۪s exceedingly interesting to realize how much we share in matters regarding stubbornness, conviction, and steadfast determination, as previously implied!

    The allegorical texts you just graciously provided were just absolutely stunning and diverting À¢€“ I loved it! The allegorical passages, along their À¢€œfascinatingÀ¢€Â interpretations were interesting and entertaining, particularly the immense level of discretion permitted to the interpreters of often exceedingly vague prose. It is indeed very amusing to witness the power of some well written, beautifully illustrated, but blurred depictions of visions and events have over men of certain ideals. I find it particularly intriguing the by which some wise men methodically combine À¢€œvisionsÀ¢€Â or predictions of a large variety of earlier civilizations, against what the À¢€œnarrator interpreting them calls À¢€œcurrent eventsÀ¢€Â (naturally it depends upon the date when any given À¢€œvisionÀ¢€Â has been established to have À¢€œbeen provenÀ¢€Â)

    In this connection, I would like to remark that there are many current and departed individuals ranging from a variety of À¢€œinclinationsÀ¢€Â À¢€“ranging from the nearly as À¢€œmundaneÀ¢€Â to those who nearly approach your spiritual À¢€œattachmentsÀ¢€Â to the so-called À¢€œsacredÀ¢€Â)
    Both sources surprisingly share a connection with a mystical historical character called NostradamusÀ¢€¦ Yet, regardless of the À¢€œnatureÀ¢€Â of any given À¢€œquatrainÀ¢€Â, I would hardly use ANY of them as a source of serious consideration, let alone guidance or actual prediction of actual events to come. But the type of interpretation and beliefs they appear to demonstrate has the capacity to amusingly resemble your approach to À¢€œequivalent issuesÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦
    For instance:

    Nostradamus – Quatrain 1,4
    In the world there will be made a king
    who will have little peace and a short life.
    At this time the ship of the Papacy will be lost,
    governed to its greatest detriment.

    – Remark on the above Quatrin: interestingly, a few years after these lines were written, Francois I, le Roi de France, around À¢€œthe year of our lord (LOL) of 1510 was killed in a tragic accident while hunting in company his loyal lords (mind kind of people, ranging from Baronet to Vicounts), while at the same time (if my knowledge of this part of history does not fail me), there was a double papacy (one in Rome the other in Avigon) disputing a legitimate claim to the À¢€œThrone of PeterÀ¢€Â (the Roman Citizen from Judea who was a À¢€œdiscipleÀ¢€Â of the alleged À¢€œson of the divineÀ¢€Â).
    NowÀ¢€¦ The Key question here is: despite the nearly perfect association of a HIGHLY vague À¢€œprophecy to fit some aspects of À¢€œcurrent eventsÀ¢€Â (as they were in the Early 16th century) does not in any way convince me of the À¢€œfoundationÀ¢€Â, let alone any recognition of any À¢€œsignificanceÀ¢€Â let alone source of À¢€œtruthÀ¢€Â


  • A Brazilian in the USA

    Absolutely normal…
    It is time for Brazil to upgrade its military forces. A country of that size cannot neglect defense. Even so, we are far from becoming a superpower or far from becoming really capable of defending ourselves against any aggressor. I am a pacifist and I believe in co-existing pacifically with everyone but some times things can and will eventually get rough and Brazil needs to be able to step up for defense.

    Chavez is another issue. He is indeed trying to intimidate his neighbors.


    dnbaiacu, good (additional) point
    Your comment is in line with our previous discussions under a recent separate thread, where most of us agreed with the current danger which Islamic terrorists pose to Brazil & South America…

    Incidentally, in connection with the terrorist threat, do you recall your comment to the effect that À¢€œwe had been attackedÀ¢€Â? Both of us noticed that on Wednesday night, the BRAZZIL magg home page had been hacked or otherwise infiltrated, about which nobody else (surprisingly) made any comment.

    I wonder if only the two of us noticed the Turkish invasion, along with music À¢€“ along with the comment À¢€œyou have been shot downÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦ Coincidence or prove of their systematic search for western discussions on the topic? This is exceedingly distressing!

  • forrest allen brown

    IS BUILDING AK 47 for his army ( ..)

    and also to sell to the FARC,AND ANY OTHER bunch of free radicals he can send them too

    at leats that is the way me and all my other buddies think , attic from within and then offer help and take over later

    castro doctrin

  • Ric

    A Cheap Shot, Sir
    Venezuela will do no such thing. That is, successfully invade Brazil.

    However, Brasilia doesnÀ‚´t need anyoneÀ‚´s approval to upgrade, refit and modernize its armed forces.


    Chavez – a clear threat – When will Brasilia wake up and smell the smoke from gun fire?
    As already mentioned multiple times throughout various threads of Brazzil (magg & forum), Venezuela is a clear threat not only to Colombia, its most obvious adversary, but particularly to Brazil, its inevitable, potential opponent of the À¢€œnear futureÀ¢€Â.. They have already managed to established a mini-alliance composed of smaller, poorer client states (Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua), and undoubtedly intends to assume the leadership (if not control) of the region. Although they utilize a more discrete version of the À¢€œgood-oldÀ¢€Â revolutionary ideals, currently labeled as À¢€œBolivarianÀ¢€Â, the Venezuelan ultimate goal is undoubtedly to spread radical regime throughout the region, thereby allowing Caracas in the end to become the New Latin Moscow of the SouthwestÀ¢€¦

    When will Brasilia (and his idiotic near illiterate leader) wake up? I suppose it will take the inevitable election of a right-of-center Brazilian president, for VenezuelaÀ¢€™s true posture to À¢€œcome out of the closetÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦

  • forrest allen brown

    is going to make SA spend money on wepons that could be spent on welfare of the country .
    how many jets does it take to build a school .buy books .
    how many jets does it take to build new roads
    offer health care .

    columbia went across after the FARC just like they did in vensula , just trying to protect there people .
    okay every body say something about it ,


    no one said a thing when russia went to georiga !!!!!!!

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