Por aí

Sounds of Brazil

The traditional and the experimental in Brazilian
music are having a chance in the American market these holidays. The
avant-gardism can be seen on Airto Moreira and Flora Purim’s Encounters of the Fourth World. The
CD was recorded in Amsterdam during a recent Fourth World’s tour
through Europe. Among the cuts there are “Pandeiro Solo” and “Canja na
Cavaca”. To know more about the B&W record call (312) 880-5375.

After its European success as providers of roots
music, Germany’s Network Records is dropping anchor in the US through
New York’s Stern’s. Brazil is one of the countries covered by the first
series of recordings being released in America.

The country is represented by the samba and chorinho de Paulinho da Viola, who is accompanied by pianist Cristóvão Bastos and cuíca player Mestre Marçal. Want to know more? Call (212) 925-1648.

Bad blood

Expelled from Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (see
our November 95 cover story) when it was found that he had AIDS,
ex-pastor Mário Justino, is answering in kind, with Nos Bastidores do Reino (On
the Kingdom’s Backstage) a very revealing book. For the first time,
someone involved with the inner affairs of that Church tells in writing
what’s going on among Universal’s leaders.

Nos Bastidores talks about drug selling and
sex perversion in the church’s hierarchy. The Igreja Universal has been
taking over the world in the last few years. “It’s not an act of
retribution,” says Justino who now lives in New York.

The 150-page book shows the rise and fall of a
talented and poor black youngster who ends up selling his body to get
drugs in the streets of New York. Nos Bastidores is being
released in Brazil and in the US. For more information you can write to
Mário Justino – PO Box 544 – New York, NY 10163.

Visiting the past

Dubbed by the Brazilian government as “the most
important Brazilian exhibition in the United Kingdom in the last 20
years,” Brazil Through European Eyes” will be displaying rarely seen
paintings and other art pieces from the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries.
The idea is to show how earlier European artists, like Rugendas, Debret
and Post saw Brazil, its Indians, fauna and flora.

Brazil’s embassy in London, the event’s organizer,
gathered works from various European museums as well as Brazilian
private and public collections. The exhibit will be going on from 5 to
26 January, 1996 at Christie’s. Call 44 (0171) 499-0877 – Ext.

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