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O Burguês Ridículo (Ridiculous Bourgeois)
Adapted from a Molière’s comedy. Directed by Guel
Arraes and João Falcão with Marco Nanini and Betty Gofman.

Começaria Tudo Outra Vez (I Would Start All Over
Again) — The life story of singer and composer Gonzaguinha. Written and
directed by Dacio Malta. With Gaspar Filho and musicians.

As Criadas (The Maids) — Jean Genet’s classic play directed
by Ricardo Torres. The power struggle between a homemaker and her two maids.
With Leonardo Vieira, Déo Garcez and Marco Rocha.

Francisco de Assis (Francis of Assisi) Created
and directed by Ciro Barcelos, who also stars with Camila Amado. Based
on the life and writings of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Futuro do Pretérito (Future Perfect)
Romantic comedy about the 20-year evolution in a group of friends. With
Lilia Cabral and Dalton Vigh. Written by Regiana Antonini and directed
by Marcelo Saback.

São Paulo

Drácula e Outros Vampiros (Dracula and Other Vampires)
— A collection of comic and thrilling characters. Created and directed
by Antunes Filho with the ensemble Grupo de Teatro Macunaíma

Cenas de um Casamento (Scenes of a Marriage) — This is
the classic text by Ingmar Bergman about a seemingly happy marriage. Vivian
Buckup directs. Maria Adelaide Amaral translated. Tony Ramos and Regina
Braga star.

A Comédia (The Comedy) — Complicated and funny
love-triangle. Maurício Lencasttre wrote and directs. Viviane Dias,
Ludh Raposo and Gabriela Neri star.

Intensa Magia (Intense Magic) — Contemporary
drama written by Maria Adelaide Amaral. Silnei Siqueira directs Mauro Mendonça,
Rosamaria Murtinho and Nina de Pádua.


American films just released: Emma (Emma), The Craft (Jovens
Bruxas), The Island of Doctor Moreau (A Ilha do Dr. Moreau), Welcome to
the Dollhouse (Bem-Vindo à Casa de Bonecas), Carried Away (Atos
de Amor), Fear (Medo), Angel Baby (Angel Baby), Escape from Los Angeles
(Fuga de Los Angeles), A Time to Kill (Tempo de Matar), If Lucy Fell (Lado
a Lado com o Amor), Chain Reaction (Reação em Cadeia), If
Unforgettable (Inesquecível), Phenomenon (Fenômeno), Striptease

Doces Poderes (Sweet Powers) — Brazil — 1995 — A TV
drama during an electoral campaign. Directed by Lúcia Murat. With
Marisa Orth, Antônio Fagundes and Otávio Augusto.

Fica Comigo (Stay With Me) — Brazil — 1996 — The difficult
relationship between parents and teenagers. Directed by Tizuka Yamasaki.
Starring Antônio Fagundes, Luciana Rigueira, Vitor Hugo and Lúcia

Guantanamera (Guantanamera) — Spain/Cuba — 1995 — How
to transport the dead during a fuel crisis in Cuba. Directed by Tomás
Gutiérrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabia with Carlos Cruz, Mirtha Ibbara
and Salvador Wood.

Mina Tannenbaum (Duas Amigas) — France/Belgium/Holland
— 1993 — Two female friends come of age in the ’70s in Paris. By Martine
Dogowson with Romane Bohringer and Elsa Zylberstein.

O Monge e a Filha do Carrasco (The Monk and the Hangman’s
— Brazil/EUA — 1994 — Directed by Walter Lima Jr., starring
Murilo Benício, Karina Barun, Patrícia Pillar and Paul Dillon.
A young Franciscan monk deals with faith and desires in 18th century Germany.

Stealing Beauty (Beleza Roubada) — Italy/England/France
— 1996 — Teenager awakes middle-age passion. By Bernardo Bertolucci with
Liv Tyler, Jeremy Irons, Stefania Sandrelli.

Suite 16 (Aconteceu na Suíte 16) — Holland/England/France
— 1995 — Two men in a hotel room disputing for power. Directed by Dominique
Deruddere. Starring Pete Postlehwaite.

Tieta do Agreste (Tieta from the Northeast Backlands)
Brazil — 1996 — Almost 30 years after being expelled from home by the
father, Antonieta (Tieta) goes back to her hometown. Carlos Diegues directs.
Sônia Braga, Marília Pera and Chico Anísio star.



1. O Monte Cinco

Paulo Coelho

2. Operação Cavalo de Tróia 5

J. J. Benítez

3. A Profecia Celestina

James Redfield

4. Novas Comédias da Vida Privada

Luís Fernando Veríssimo

5. Mas Será o Benedito?

Mário Prata

6. A Décima Profecia

James Redfield

7. O Xangô de Baker Street

Jô Soares

8. O Mundo de Sofia

Jostein Gaarder

9. Uma Pulga na Camisola

Max Nunes

10. O Homem que Calculava

Malba Tahan


1. Inteligência Emocional

Daniel Goleman

2. Almas Gêmeas

Mônica Buonfiglio

3. Só o Amor É Real

Brian L. Weiss

4. As Sete Leis Espirituais do Sucesso

Deepak Chopra

5. Zico Conta Sua História


6. A Renúncia de Jânio

Carlos Castello Branco

7. Guia New York — Compras

Katia Zero

8. Minutos de Sabedoria

Torres Pastorino

9. Anaw6kx Cabalísticos

Mônica Buonfiglio

10. Frases

Paulo Coelho

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