Paranaguí¡ Wishes to Be Brazil’s Number 1 Meat Exporter

Paranaguá port in Paraná, Brazil Paranaguá port, in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, wants to become Brazil's leading meat export terminal. With that objective, it has created the Corridor for Frozen Products of Paraná. The new structure is going to have six special docking cradles and warehouses for slaughterhouse cargo with capacity for 58,000 tons.

Furthermore, it should count on a 370,000 square meter container storage yard, and a railway branch in the primary zone – the port's internal area, where loading and unloading operations are carried out.

The project for the Corridor for Frozen Products of Paraná arose out of a partnership between the Paranaguá and Antonina Ports Administration, a state organization that manages the two terminals, and six private companies: Ponta do Félix Terminal, Martini Meat, Standard Logí­stica, América Latina Logí­stica (ALL), Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP), and Wilson, Sons.

The partnership is intended to increase the terminal's meat throughput by 50,000 tons per month.

The aim is to provide exporters with logistics and storage, and thus ensure the cargo volume and the interest in making stops at the port.

"Brazil is the leading meat exporter country in the world. Almost 50% of all meat exported worldwide comes from Brazil. Every option available for making exports faster is great, and this project in Paranaguá represents another good option. Here we will be able to have, in the future, the largest meat export corridor in Brazil," forecasts the minister of Agriculture, Reinhold Stephanes.

In 2007, out of the 3,169,000 tons of chicken meat exported from Brazil, 44% left through the state of Santa Catarina (South), 35% through Paraná (South) and 7% through São Paulo (Southeast).

With regard to pork meat, out of 538,000 tons exported, 67% left from Santa Catarina, 16% from Paraná and 1% from São Paulo. For beef, out of 1,862,000 tons exported in 2007, only 5% left from Paraná, 16% left from Santa Catarina, and 77% from São Paulo.

Omar Nasser works for the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (Fiep).


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  • João da Silva

    Good morning Forrest. Must be early morning where you are! So you are talking about planet alignment, that is supposed to bring havoc to the planets.Some say it is a myth and fiction and others say it is very serious. But we have to agree that the climate has gone crazy and I do not think that it is just a man made disaster. For this reason, I wholeheartedly agree with you that, if it does happen in 2012, there is not a single thing that the governments of the countries on the Planet Earth can do to prevent it.

    [quote]it only happens every 25.000 years or so i dont think i will be around for the next one . [/quote]

    I don’t think that I am going to be around for the next one either!


    Just like the volcano in Hawaii?

    Take care and have a great week end. Don’t forget to read Cris Buarques’s article titled “Brazilians Are the Aedes Aegypti of Brazil”. I wonder why the editors decided give a title like that! Fortunately the comment section is still to be fixed and Cris does not have to worry about irate commentators!!

  • forrest allen brown

    could be very different here
    it only happens every 25.000 years or so i dont think i will be around for the next one .

    as i dont think i will be around for the next one

    and the whole big flood thing does not work out for me as even if the ice cap melted there would not be enough water to cover the globe .
    unless it were 1/4 the size it is now .

    but again any given time we are in aliment with several other planets , and other bodies of mass out there


    but given what i have the middle of the largest ocean i can find too watch the tides and swells build , and watch the skies for the line up should be very bright

    but like any thing else could be all here say

  • João da Silva

    [quote]i know a bunch off very smart people that are saying in 2012

    things are going to change and the goverments of the world will not be able to do a thing about it [/quote]

    Are you talking about the consequences of the drastic climatic changes that will result in Southern Europe turning into Alaska, heavy drought in Africa, Coastal cities all over the world wiped out,etc? I have heard it too.

    [quote]just trying to find the best place to watch the whole mess come about .[/quote]

    Which place do you have in mind?

  • forrest allen brown

    we could all set back and look for the aliment
    i know a bunch off very smart people that are saying in 2012

    things are going to change and the goverments of the world will not be able to do a thing about it

    just trying to find the best place to watch the whole mess come about .

  • João da Silva

    [quote]taking bets this will happen before the end of the year in the US
    as 1000 of them are coming here a month and can bring there wives , so if he has 2 or more he would break US law [/quote]

    Sorry Forrest, when Bush, Don Dumbsfeld and Cheynney decided to invade Iraq on trumped up charges, they should have thought about the consequences.It is not your fault, though. Whatever goodwill the U.S built after 911, was thrown away, when U.S invaded Iraq. In that part of the world, the democracy does not function. Knowing full well, they decided to get rid of SaddamÀ‚´s regime and replace with that of Al-Maliki. After 5 years, that country is in ruins, with almost 70% unemployment rate and the young Mullah creating his own Militia and the mortars landing right on the Green Zone (that Prime Minister reminds me of our President,full of hot air). What I think is going to happen is just like Vietnam by the end of the year. All the higher echelon of the Iraqi government fleeing to the U.S.

    Remember that Iraq has a very small population when compared to the land area (Not to forget about the enormous oil wealth). It is very different from Afghanistan and they had a fantastic health care and educational system. Remember Dr.Germ and Mrs.Anthrax, the two ladies who were trained in U.S? They could have easily stayed in U.S, but opted to go back to Iraq. As far as I remember, Iraqi women had lots of rights. But, unfortunately, under the current regime, the laws of Taliban are being implemented.

    It takes courageous people like Judge Moore to question about mixture of religion and good government. When such people are persecuted, we will end up in wars over the religions, ideologies, etc;

    I always thought that the new century would bring peace and prosperity to the planet. I am quite saddened that it brought the opposite!!

    As our fellow blogger “dnbainacu” said, it is time to sit tight during this year and watch how things are going to work out . I think that 2008 is going to be an extremely interesting year.

  • forrest allen brown

    Hay Joao
    Here is what i am looking foward to

    the day when a muslim trys to marry his second or third wife . as under islam law there church says they can have up to 4 wives .
    what will the christains in that country DO .
    allow a muslim to do what his church says is okay .
    even thoug the law of the land says one man to one wife ??

    taking bets this will happen before the end of the year in the US
    as 1000 of them are coming here a month and can bring there wives , so if he has 2 or more he would break US law
    but not his law

    that old church and state thing again
    i bet they will be able to do it as the US has no balls to say no to them as we would be called racists or infialds

  • João da Silva


    Hey Forrest, thank you so much for sending me the poem of Judge.Moore. You are absolutely right and he summed it all. Just substitute the name of “U.S.” with the one where you live and you will find that it applies to all the countries. In fact I have read about Moore, though not his poem and I was unaware that he is being persecuted.

    I always found your comments to be fair about any country and you just confirmed it. You don’t shirk from criticizing the current state of affairs in your own country of birth and that makes you a truly a World citizen. It is very very hard for the chest thumping and flag waving citizens of ANY country to swallow his pride and accept that there are things needed to be fixed in his/her country. Unfortunately a fraction of the population is willing to speak its mind.

    As for the 10 commandments that Judge.Moore talked about, I agree,because the commandments were succinct and to the point. After all, they were the ones who set rules and regulations for the evolution of the civilization. Unfortunately, Judge.Moore is being crucified, because of his honesty. We have become so greedy and self centered, that we no longer care for our neighbors. It is a pity,though.

    Forrest, as usual, I have talked too much, though it was not my intention. Hopefully. the license of Judge.Moore to practice law will not be canceled. I wish him all the best.

    Thanks once again for posting the poignant poem of his.

  • forrest allen brown

    The following is a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama . Judge Moore was sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom foyer. He has been stripped of his judgeship and now they are trying to strip his right to practice law in Alabama . The judge’s poem sums it up quite well.

    America the Beautiful,
    or so you used to be.
    Land of the Pilgrims’ pride;
    I’m glad they’ll never see.

    Babies piled in dumpsters,
    Abortion on demand,
    Oh, sweet land of liberty;
    your house is on the sand.

    Our children wander aimlessly
    poisoned by cocaine
    choosing to indulge their lusts,
    when God has said abstain

    From sea to shining sea,
    our Nation turns away
    From the teaching of God’s love
    and a need to always pray.

    We’ve kept God in our temples,
    how callous we have grown.
    When earth is but His footstool,
    and Heaven is His throne.

    We’ve voted in a government
    that’s rotting at the core,
    Appointing Godless Judges;
    who throw reason out the door,

    Too soft to place a killer
    in a well deserved tomb,
    But brave enough to kill a baby
    before he leaves the womb.

    You think that God’s not angry,
    that our land’s a moral slum?
    How much longer will He wait
    before His judgment comes?

    How are we to face our God,
    from Whom we cannot hide?
    What then is left for us to do,
    but stem this evil tide?

    If we who are His children,
    will humbly turn and pray;
    Seek His holy face
    and mend our evil way:

    Then God will hear from Heaven;
    and forgive us of our sins,
    He’ll heal our sickly land
    and those who live within.

    But, America the Beautiful,
    if you don’t – then you will see,
    A sad but Holy God
    withdraw His hand from Thee.

    ~~Judge Roy Moore~~

  • forrest allen brown

    they should be left alone
    the big deal is they preach to even there children to seek us out and kill us

    hammas has a sunday morning TV show with a 6 ft rat looking a lot mikey mouse killing christans with all sorts of bombs , guns and then going to there heaven with all the virgins .

    another TV show , shows a child killing the US president in all sorts of ways .

    the poor and noinlighten people should be led by good people , not the ones we have in charge today ,
    leaders of churches , governmonet,schools should be held to a higher plane than the rest of us ,
    look at the leaders of the US and brasil just for 2 how many crimes do they do and get away with it (all of them )
    women like paris hilton and others movie stars can do and say what they want and not be held responsable for it ( why not )

    like me i wanted to be left alone but people in brasil in goverment wanted to rob me will they did ( now they are having there lives turned upside down by my actions )
    and it spreads to there total family , maybe next time they will think before they try to take something from someone

    tao is more they way i lead my life , but you cross me just for profit than i will become something you dont want to deal with

    i feel the key is education the right one , the corret leadership , place TV in stop the stupid novelas , bring them more into life like ordeals .
    dont let crooks get away with it hold up there heads and get a good look at them on camra or TV , them put them to work to repay or replace the things they took .

    all of us should be held to a more responsable plane the higher you are on the plane the more your fine or punsihment should be .

    the key to this is to stop the greed , let people

  • João da Silva

    [quote]joao from other site your question[/quote]

    Thanks for the reply, Forrest. It is all a bit confusing, because is still trying to fix the problems with their comments (for the past 5 days!).

    However, from reading your comments during the past year, I could easily make out that you are not a religious person and I am not either. I am not atheist either.I have traveled to many countries, though not as many as you have done. The first thing I learn t was not to talk about the religions.Fortunately, I made several friends from diversified religions.I do not know if you remember a guy who went by the name of “JÀƒµao Pinga” who commented last year that he believed in folks getting together to build a deck than the ones who were praying 5 times a day expecting miracles to improve their lives.I share his opinion and I enjoy being very secular.

    I agree with you that what the “atheists” and “agnostics” are doing in the U.S. is wrong, as “God” for me is nature. The God is everywhere. Jesus, Mohammed, Budda, etc; were the “middlemen” (Intellectuals and thinkers, though) between the heaven and earth (our universe and planet earth). The Chinese consider themselves as the inhabitants of the “Middle Kingdom”.

    The problem with all the religions these days is that the their leaders use them as tools keep the people ignorant and put one religion against another.In MHO, that is what is happening now. Remember the days when Hitler made the Jews scapegoats? Then we had to listen the endless propaganda of the “commies” trying to take over the world. Well, they did not. Now we are hearing about the “Ragheads” wanting to destroy the Western civilization and I dont think that is going to happen either. I am afraid that we are getting very paranoiac and it is not good for us,because we are just contributing to the welfare of the armaments industries!

    Forrest, years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a Vietnam veteran (outside U.S) who served two tours and honorably discharged from USAF. We used to discuss a lot and he made one comment that still rings in my ears: John, the paddy farmers in Nam did not give a shit whether the country was ruled by the “Commies”, French or “Democratically elected governments”. All they were interested was to grow rice, raise a family and live in peace.

    So, I think that, instead of discussing how we could bring about “Democracy” to the Afghans ,Iraqis,etc;, we should leave them alone.Maybe I am wrong. Only the time will tell.

    Thanks Forrest, for listening to my long lecture!

  • forrest allen brown

    joao from other site your question
    look at it this way the US was founded on religious freedom and all men were created equal .

    jump forward some 232 years look at how it has changed .

    the powers at be have made it illegal to say a prayer in school for Christian’s , even to the point of not being able to ware crosses on the outside of your clothes & no them

    the other religion’s are able to ware there religious symbols and clothes and pray at will where and when they want ,

    the atheist and agnostic have sued the US government to keep the word God out of public buildings and you are not able to have the manger Sean on public property .

    they have even gone so far as to remove SO HELP US GOD from the war memorial speech president Roosevelt gave to the people the day after japan bombed pearl harbor .

    and now they are talking about removing IN GOD WE TRUST from the money of the US as it offends them to handle the money .

    for a religion that preaches peace love and tolerance and no drugs , achoal , homosexual , and it is wrong to seek wealth well they have just about went on and broke ever rule ,they preach and are to live by .

    any country they have occupied in the past 2000 years they have destroyed there temples and any semblance of there religious symbols .

    the temple mount , the giant buddas in Afghanistan ,just to name 2 .

    they have no center like roam just each masque fallows the doctrine of whom ever is in charge and if there tribune is on to tight well look at what is going on now , some preach peace , while others preach to kill the ones whom Peace piece

    The powers have and are importing 1000 iraq citizen’s a month to the US and so is the rest of the world .

    thees people still believe in slavery , all other religion’s are wrong and the only true word is the word of the Koran .all other books are written by man not a living god.

    WE ARE INFIDEL’S if a Muslim woman marries out of her religion she and her children can be put to death .

    the only way out of the religion is to die you can be killed if you choose to leave .

    just last month a father of 2 girls killed the booth of them for dating non Muslim boys , and he feel he did right by his god.

    and yet the Government of the US does not want to anger them they are ( in no better words ) kissing there asses . and we will pay for it in the not so long run.

    they speak of wiping Israel off the face of the earth , killing all US citizens and there friends where ever and when ever they pleas

    so don’t kid yourself if they come to your country they will try to change your way of life one way or another .

    any one who has moved about this planet will or has seen the way religion has changed cultures how one tore down the temples of the foe and built theres on top of the vanquished set in motion to change the people minds on whom was or is the head god

    I am not a religious person i believe in me first

    it is my word and honor i live buy ,rules made up by men can be bought , nature cant ,

    the people of the US need to get hold of the government before they give the place away .

    thank the lord of the sea for my life , food and freedom , and for the love of my life

    did any one read the pope said it was okay for people to drive cars like RR, Bentley’s ,

    as long as they are not used to show wealth . ????

    and he baptised a Muslim that did not give up his Faith

  • forrest allen brown

    brazil cant export there on meat
    they could if they would maintain there own ports

    start buy dredging out their ports that have been sanding in for 500 years or before time .

    stop all the open and outright stealing that goes on at the ports ,

    change the customs inspectors from top to bottom often so they cant set up a second business of contraban goods

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