How to Find the Best Massager for Your Needs

Are you curious about a prostate massager but unsure where to start and how to determine what your needs are? You’re not alone! Prostate massagers have been booming in popularity among men who are curious about exploring this susceptible part of the body that, when stimulated, can deliver mind-blowing pleasure and a new kind of orgasm that most men haven’t experienced before. The prostate is located just a few inches inside the anus, which makes it a delicate process to determine the best toy for you. Any kind of sexual expression done safely and consensually is healthy, including anal play! Depending on whether or not you’re new to the experience, you’ll want to start slowly with massagers designed for beginners and have options for how you can experience the sensation of a prostate massage. Keep reading for helpful tips on finding the right prostate massager for your needs! 

Shape and Size

The first thing you’ll want to observe with any prostate massager you’re looking for is the shape and size of the device. Most prostate massagers are slimmer at the top with a girthier midsection and often are curved to ergonomically hit the prostate once inserted. They are often made in varying sizes for those new to prostate play and larger, girthier models for those who are more experienced and desire a greater amount of sensation. There are also plenty of mid-range models available designed to fit a variety of body shapes. Check out all the models there are to get a good sense of the shape and size variety.


The base of your prostate massager is an important detail when choosing the right model for you. Some will be equipped with a curved base designed to apply pressure to the perineum (the strip of skin connecting the genitals and the anus), which can stimulate the prostate from the outside. Some will have a handle-like base, and others may have a flat base. The base can add to sensation and make a big difference in how comfortable the device feels when inserted. In general, curved bases will be slightly easier when it comes to inserting and removing the device, but they might not work for everyone! So consider the base when purchasing a prostate massager. 

Vibrations or No Vibrations 

Many prostate massagers have vibrating motors, and the most advanced models even have a moving motor to simulate a finger rocking back and forth. Vibrating models are among the most popular, and most find these sensations to be highly pleasurable. If your massager has a curved base, it may feature a vibrating motor on the end that rests against the perineum for extra stimulation from the outside and inside. However, some may find that vibrations are too much or just not pleasurable for them, and that’s ok! Whether you want to purchase a model with vibrating features is up to you. If you’re new and unsure whether you like it or not, go with one that has vibrating features so you can at least try it out and decide for yourself. 

Lots of Lube 

This is extremely important when it comes to anal play! The anus doesn’t produce any of its lubrication, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase a personal lubricant that will play nice with your prostate massager. This means you’ll need to know what kind of material your toy is made out of. Silicone lubricants are popular because they’re slippery and last a long time, but if your massager is made from silicone, lubricants with the same compounds can break down the material of your toy. In general, water-based lubricants will work with most sex toys and are a safe bet to stick with for personal lubricants. Lastly, make sure you use a lot! The more lubrication you have, the better your experience will be and the less discomfort you’ll experience when you initially insert your prostate massager. Remember, lube up! 

When deciding the best prostate massage for your needs, consider a few things before purchasing. You should pay attention to the size and intended use of the massager you’re looking at. Some will be designed for beginner use, while others are designed for those more experienced with using prostate massagers. You should also consider whether or not you want a vibrating feature for your massager. Not everyone will enjoy the sensations of a vibrator, but for those new to the experience, it’s a good idea to give yourself the option and decide for yourself if you like it or not! 

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